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Your account Shadorus can now be upgraded to everything Anarchy
Online has to offer for $9,95!
Funcom would like to offer you, as a free player, a special opportunity to
upgrade your account with all the expansions available for Anarchy Online!
For 14 days starting today Monday 11th of April and until Monday 25th of
April you can take part of this special deal. In addition, we give you the
first 30 days of play for free! Save up to $53,90 !!
Here are some features from the expansions that you will receive:
- Astonishing playfields.
- New soundtrack.
- Two new professions.
- A new array of armor, weapons and other items.
- 20 additional character levels.
- Perks to make your character even more powerful.
- Shadowbreeds to tap into your inner spirit and do incredible moves.

Alien Invasion:
- Help to defend your city and Rubi-Ka from the awesome power of the aliens.
- Build cities and guild houses.
- Board and attack alien spaceships.
- Powerful new perks, weapons and armor.
- New trade skill interface.
- New Levels giving you access to incredible Perks and Alien Technology.
- Player Shops allowing you to sell your hard earned loot!

Notum Wars:
- Purchase or build towers
- Fight and conquer enemy territories
Continue to take part in the ultimate sci-fi game, your experience is about
to get even better.
If you'd like more information about the Anarchy Online expansions, we
invite you to find out more at Trailers are
available in "The Game" section for the Notum Wars, Shadowlands and Alien
Invasion expansions.
Ready to upgrade?  Simply log into your account at and upgrade. If you require additional files to
take advantage of this offer please visit:
Note! Upgrading an account is permanent and cannot be reversed.
In order to upgrade your subscription you must enter valid payment details,
subscription fees starting as low as $7.95 per month for a 12 month plan.

Note that billing will not apply until the 30 day free gaming time in this
offer has expired!
We thank you again for joining Anarchy Online and hope you will remain with
us for many years to come.


Z tego wynika, że płace te 9.95 dolców + 7.95 i moje AO zostaje upgrejdowane na maximum...

Ale czy musze placic za jakies cd-keye do tego czy to juz jest zawarte w tych 17$ ? (w tym jest też miesiąc darmowego grania?)




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Czytaj dokladniej ;)

Placisz 9,95$ i otrzymujesz wszystkie dodatki + 30dni darmowego grania.
Potem placisz juz normalnie abonament, ale nie licz ze bedziesz placil 7,95$ za miesiac - wychodzi tak tylko kiedy placisz w dolarach z gory za caly rok afair.

Normalne ceny to kolo 14Euro+VAT.

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Za gre tez policza w eu (z VATem), a nie w dolarach. Mieszkasz w Unii.


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