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We are almost a year old now, we have about 400+ characters, with as many as 50-70 active during prime time. We have players in EU and US time zones.
Some info about the server
*75 Cap Zilart through Wings of the Goddess
*No lvl cap on CoP missions.
*All Outposts are unlocks and homepoint crystals can warp you around.
*There are fast warps for Zilart and CoP to get access to Sky and Sea faster,
when those events are up. (random times)
*Almost all Jobs are working (Rune, Geo, Pup, do not work atm)
*No Exp loss on death.
*EXP Rate x2
*Page Exp Rate x2
*Fame Rate x4
*Crafting Rate 2.5x
*Exp Bands can be bought when ever, there is no weekly limit.
*The Exp Bands have been enhanced (more time/more exp)
*Auction house fully stocked at 100 gil. ( lvl 70-75 HQ gear and abjurations are not on AH and have to be crafted or hunted)
* Alexandrite (an alternate currency system) to obtain gear from currently broken content.
*Start with 1mil gil .
*Kclub drops off of LoO and BCNM and Vrtra
*NM drop rates have been adjusted on some items.
*Custom Events will be held for prizes.
*New NM's are added
*Ultimate Sky. (custom content)
*Dynamis, Relics are fast and easy to create for casual and hardcore players.
(all mega bosses drop a set amount of 100's to your inventory on scheduled dynamis, the rest is free fall)
*Relics have enhanced damage and enhancements depending on relic. and most weapon skills have a boost in damage, but a balanced endgame.
*Discord is our online communication chat
*Only limit break is Maat
*There are many Custom Commands to move about very easily
you will never wait for a ship or boat again.
*We have a hang out that has custom shops that sell very common items,
medicines, Nin tools, ammo, and food, for 1 gil each
*You can call your Chocobo anywhere (with restrictions on citys and dungeon's)
*Mythic weapons are obtainable as well
*can use ah from anywhere.
*weekly NM hunts
* lvl sync works and finding parties or solo playing is pretty easy.
*We have a ticket system that handles player issues if found and are GM's are pretty fast to fix anything.
* There is also so much more!
We also have a refer a friend bonus, check out the website for more info!
If your looking for an alternative to the above, a more hardcore and Vanilla retail experience with no adjustments please message either Corey Stoker aka 'Chops' or Brandon Mizzy Misuraca.
If you have any questions please contact Corey Stoker aka 'Chops' or Brandon Mizzy Misuraca

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Nie ma takich serwerow juz od dluzszego czasu?


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Ja sie zalogowalem na ten -

Za dlugo nie gralem wiec nie powiem czy wszystko dziala - ale ludzi jest calkiem sporo, wiekszosc to niestety ludzie z USA

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