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Jutro (czwartek) AV wprowadza pierwsza czesc siega engine patcha.

ciekawostka do tego bedzie ze katapulta bedzie mogla strzelac ludzmi.... ;-)

...Along with various fixes, this patch will include:

A new catapult
A deployable Siege Ladder
New Reinforced Walls and
A Race Change Service.
Expect to read more in the coming days.

Mormo Blastbeat DFO


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Dołączył(a): 27.11.2009
PostNapisane: 7 sie 2014, 17:13 

With today's maintenance we are applying the 1st part of Siege Engines.

The patch contains the following:

New War Machinery


A siege engine that can hurl various projectiles as well as players and can cause a lot of damage to structures, walls, ships and other siege engines, as well as characters, depending on the projectile type used (Crackshot or Boomshot).

Crackshot: A massive boulder that deals impact damage.
Boomshot: A fiery projectile that deals impact and fire damage.

Deployable Siege Ladder

A deployable ladder that is used for scaling enemy walls. Ladders can be deployed by standing next to a wall, facing it, and pressing the ‘Use’ key.

New Mastery Crafting Recipes

New Engineering mastery skill, obtainable from Blacksmiths.

We added the following Engineering Mastery Crafting Recipes

Deployable Siege Ladder
Figurine Siege Engine Catapult

Naptha, an Alchemy Mastery crafting recipe has been added.

Added New Resources

Hoof Paste (obtainable from skinning Centaur Chieftains and Imperator Jabaoth).
Tar (droppable from Fire Scourges and Fire Giants).

New Reinforced Walls on every Clan City in Agon

Every clan city has received brand new reinforced, heightened walls. The new walls also provide murder holes through which defenders can discourage would-be attackers. In order to compare the old walls to the new ones please check this photo.

Added a Foundry Workstation on the following Clan cities:

Mar Shral
El Harrat

New item in Selentine Shop

Metamorphosis Manipulator: This item allows you to change your character’s race, gender and appearance.

General Updates & Fixes

Various Changes and Fixes to all 30 Clan Cities.
Fixed some issues with Character Creation
Ship damage and explosion sounds have been greatly increased, min max radius increased
Added a new “Buy” sound for Selentine Shop items
Greatly increased range for ship damage and explosion sounds.
Various bug fixes.

Mormo Blastbeat DFO


Posty: 312
Dołączył(a): 27.11.2009
PostNapisane: 9 sie 2014, 21:08 
Cytuj ... =1&theater

Mormo Blastbeat DFO

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