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Combat and Movement Changes

Regarding timed events

Moving towards more dynamic, player-driven content, we understand certain timer-centric activities in-game are in need of being amended.

Specifically, this effort is centered around revamping Prowess Monoliths, Sea Fortresses, and Villages. The goal is to move away from the timed nature of these events and place their activation in the hands on the players as much as possible.

We are planning on tackling the issue in a two-step process, with the first step taking place with the next patch, and the second step that will change the mechanics themselves in order to further address these issues, being implemented in the next available development cycle.

Immediate changes

Prowess Monoliths

Prowess gains from Prowess Monoliths are notably increased, across all three monolith tiers, with a stronger emphasis on on the second and third tier.

Sea Fortresses

Sea Fortress timers are changed to 6 and 3 days respectively, with adjusted loot tables which will also include some Globules of Greed.


Village timers will be decreased to a 48h timer, with globule consumption and loot being adjusted accordingly.

The skills that make up the Earth School are:

Tectonic Shift

You reach into the bowels of Agon and quickly tear up a wall of earth to stop your enemies in their tracks. You must be targeting physical terrain or objects.

Caustic Bolt

Propel a globule of the purest acid towards your foe. Each subsequent time the bolt strikes it will also render the target weaker to acid, thus causing more damage as well as renewing the previous debuff.

Attunement to Earth

Take on the impenetrable aspect of heavy metal and hard rock! You will gain a stack of immunities with each stack rendering you completely immune to a single source of damage.

Acid Rock

Break on through to the other side..of the prime Earthen material plane! Proceed to summon forth a boulder of pure, crystallized, acid and slam it down onto a foe for some pain with a side of face-meltage! To add insult to injury, your hapless enemy will be rendered unable to parry for a small duration.

Heart of Stone

Put yourself between a rock and a hard place! Encase yourself within a boulder to gain increased regenerations and a massive immunity to all sources of damage. In addition, any impact damage that you would receive will rebound and pulse outwards around you.

Mormo Blastbeat DFO

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