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As February comes to an end, we would like to share our patch progress within the community. Based on community's feedback and our team's effort, we can be proud of the content of this patch, which will contain:

Massive changes to combat.
Introduction of clan perks.
Introduction of Leaderboards.
Mount Changes.
Instant travel tweaks.(addition of ports, removal of Chaos Banks)
Below you can find the spicy details.

Combat Changes
A lot of these changes were result of direct feedback from the community as well as several changes that we believe will increase the skill ceiling of the game, as well as making it more fun, without hurting new players.

Ultimate skills:
Spirit Bond : Healing Reduced. Cooldown increased.
Heart of Stone: No longer reflects falling damage. Stat gain slightly reduced.
Static Field: AoE size reduced 1 tier. You will need to be very close to the target.
Barrage: Duration slightly reduced.
Heatstroke: Missile speed increased. Stamina drain increased.

Player Movement
All movement and CC abilities are getting removed/nerfed, in order to make positioning more important. We also added more skillful movement in game:
Dash - Removed, and replaced with Begone skill. Begone is a physics spell that pushes your opponents or yourself forward and can be used for creative play.Begone gives a rather horizontal push, and is castable with any weapon and not just staff.
Attunement to Air: Movement speed bonus removed. Magnitude slightly increased.
Heightened reflexes: Movement speed bonus removed. Longer Duration, Faster CD, Stamina bonus added, Spell casting speed bonus added.
Pulverize: Blind duration reduced. Knockback force reduced. Cooldown increased. Damage increased.
Stampede: Movement speed bonus halved. Duration reduced. Cooldown increased.
Frostbite:Movement slow debuff removed. Duration (for the lightning debuff/slow debuff) slightly increased
Tornado: Knockback force greatly reduced.
Watery Grave: Physics pull removed. Damage increased. Also, while inside Watery Grave, your breath bar becomes 0 (and you take breathing damage IF you are submerged underwater).
Seizure: Range increased by 3 meters, Cooldown reduced by 2 seconds.
Repel: Knockback force reduced. Now a cone instead of 360 aoe.
Pummel: Slow movement debuff removed. Damage slightly increased. Blind duration slightly increased.

Other skills:
Attunement to earth: Duration halved. Now gives 2 stacks down from 3
Lunge: No longer instant spell - Small casting time added.
Vampiric Strike: Cooldown increased.
Maelstrom: Faster animation (similar to Pulverize). Damage increased.
Roar: Also silences target for 3 seconds.
Thunderbolt: Damage slightly increased.
Caustic bolt: Damage slightly increased. Duration slightly increased (so it's easier to stack its effect)
Fireball: Damage increased.
Attunement to Fire: Duration moderately reduced.
Soul Flay: Secondary "link" effect removed. Casting time reduced. Debuff timer reduced (ganks faster)
Rescuscitate: Casting time reduced. Debuff timer reduced (revives faster)
Invigoration: Mana net gain greatly increased. Note that this skill is no longer increasing regeneration, but working as a "mana potion" instead.
Bitterstep : Cooldown slightly increased. Sliding effect magnitude slightly reduced.
Foebringer: Aoe Radius reduced by 1 tier.
Bandage: Now heals over time instead of instantly. Magnitude slightly reduced.
Exploit weakness: magnitude increased (No debuffs more than Flurry).
Healing blast: Cooldown increased. Mana cost reduced.
Havoc Blast: Potency increase. (Now similar to the old Stormblast spell)
Wall of Righteous Force No longer creates collision that blocks projectiles. Now gives whoever is inside the wall, a "Mana Shield" buff, that can also last slightly after leaving the wall.
Tectonic Shift Is removed from the game. A new skill will take its place in an upcoming patch.
Movement and archery:
Archery missile speed increased, in anticipation of the upcoming player movement tweaks.

Guard Towers
Guard tower rate of fire halved (they will fire 2 times slower).
Guard tower damage reduced by 10%
(Overall DPS reduced by 55%)

Slight tweaks to hitboxes for when player is on the move in order to lessen the 'missed when it should have hit' moments. This is an attempt to partially fix/aleviate the "hitbox issue"

Common skills:
Added Levitate skill (The old Telekenesis spell). Summons a column of air that pushes any characters inside, upwards.

Mounted Combat:
Mounts can now attack while moving.

(Under)Water combat:
All role/common skills except Ultimates are now allowed underwater as well as while swimming on the surface. We feel comfortable allowing this change going in game, and we also feel comfortable reverting it if any serious problem arises.

Player Regeneration slightly reduced - To address TTK
All Transfer Spells cost reduced. This will increase the net gains by 3 points per transfer, or approximately 20%. This will promote more skillful stat management.

Changing Roles
Cooldown for changing role removed. (In anticipation for our new UI/Skill selection that will have skills instantly "activated" when you drag them on your hotbars.)
Changing role will now take 20 seconds, down from 30.

Clan Perks
The new Clan Perk system has been added in 16 from the 20 hamlets.
The new Clan Perk system has been added in 16 from the 20 hamlets.
Each hamlet has a unique perk.
Perks are activated through a separate window in your clan management window.
Perks require a good amount of dominion per hour in order to be activated.
Clans pay the whole amount when they activate the perk.
The perk affects all clan members.
If the hamlet that holds a perk is lost, the perk de-activates immediately and the dominion that was paid is lost.
Clan Perks are persistent and are not affected by server shut-downs.
A player that leaves a clan that has an active perk, loses the benefits of that perk.
A player that enters a clan that has an active perk, immediately gains the benefits of the perk.

While the leaderboard-ranking system is not fully implemented in this patch, we have added the 1st Statistic tab regarding lifetime kills per server. Anyone playing will be able to see Top lifetime PvP killers as well:
Yesterday’s kills.
Current week’s kills.
Past week’s kills.
Lifetime kills.
Additionally one will be able to fetch the above information on other players.
Later on we will add the additional tabs including:
PVP ranks, resettable per week based on weekly PvP activity, calculated by weekly pvp rating
PvP rating, a statistic tab regarding PvP rating, with features similar to lifetime kills.
PvP Season standing, where players based on their weekly ranks will earn points. The top players at the end of the season will be rewarded with unique items.
Are you ready for fun and brag?

Mount Changes
WARNING: For now, Mount skins will convert your mount to its default values.
Eradans excel at speed but fall behind at health.
Stats Default Values Eradan Feral Eradan Vicious Eradan Deadly Eradan
Speed 7.5 8 8.2 8.4 8.8
Health 400 400 350 325 250
Attack Damage 50 50 50 50 50
Weight Capacity 350 350 350 350 350
Death Pigs excel at health but fall behind at damage.
Stats Default Values Death Pig Steedfast Death Pig Stoic Death Pig Zealous Death Pig
Speed 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5
Health 400 550 700 1000 1600
Attack Damage 50 50 45 40 30
Weight Capacity 350 350 350 350 350
Tribeland Bears excel at damage but fall behind at weight capacity.
Stats Default Values Tribeland Bear Hearty Tribeland Bear Venerable Tribeland Bear Patriarch Tribeland Bear
Speed 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5
Health 400 400 400 400 400
Attack Damage 50 75 100 125 150
Weight Capacity 350 350 300 250 200
Garmirs excel at weight capacity but fall behind at speed.
Stats Default Values Garmir Strong Garmir Sturdy Garmir Atlas Garmir
Speed 7.5 7.5 7.38 7.27 7.05
Health 400 400 400 400 400
Attack Damage 50 50 50 50 50
Weight Capacity 350 450 550 750 1150
Riding a mount requires a certain level of riding skill (available to all - under the General Skills category) according to its tier
(Base tier mounts don’t have any requirements)

Instant Travel Updates
Portal Shards are now used as the basic ingredient for crafting Portal Runes.
Portal Runes are used with Portal Chambers. Teleporting via a Portal Chamber incurs a 1 hour Teleportation Sickness debuff.
Runestones are now craftable only.
Teleport Runes require a new material, Teleportation Dust, in order to be used.
Teleportation Dust drops from some high end mobs.
Summon Shard is a new craftable item that has Teleportation Dust as an ingredient and is required for Summon Friend to be used.

Harvesting Updates
Harvesting skills have been changed.
Harvesting skills have been changed.
At level 1 harvest time is 12 sec.
At level 100 harvest time is 2.5 sec
At level 1 stamina consumption is 0.4/sec
At level 100 stamina consumption is 1.2/sec
City harvesting nodes have reduced capacities and greater refill times.
House harvesting nodes (The Silver Birch and the Herb Garden) have improved capacities and drops
Outdoor harvesting nodes have smaller capacities and greater refill times.

UI Updates and Fixes
Fixed color of whisper channel to purple (for new chat tabs - existing tabs must be reconfigured) .
Fixed the layout of the mentor window.
On the map search window, the focus is set to the input text field, when the window is opened.
Removed the animation around the markers that are found through the search map window, as they were consuming too much FPS.
Changed the way the party member names are drawn around party member markers.
Fixed the map scroll / split menu bug.
Added the resource name required for teleportation in the teleportation chambers tooltip.
Fixed the initial positioning of the advisory, tracker and events windows.
Removed the starting feats from the suggested feats, since they are auto-tracked.
Added colors and improved the presentation of the Advisory Window slides.
Fixed opening of crafting window after accessing a workstation.
New button added that will immediately purchase an increase of your skill to 100.

General Updates and Fixes
Added Advisor Slides and revamped the Advisor system to display enriched text formats.
Made the feat filters persistent.
Some feat counters were not updating correctly and some feats did not complete although their prerequisite steps were completed. This is fixed in this patch. Every affected character's GUI will be updated to reflect each feat's state - counters will show the correct value and prowess will be awarded if the feat was in fact completed.

World Changes and Updates
Ports have been added around Agon. Mastery ships, as well as sea scrappers and trawlers, can only be can be spawned and despawned while in a port's vicinity.
Removed 18 Chaos banks from Agon Chaos and NPC Outposts
Chaos Outposts
Eyrkla's Shadow
NPC Outposts
Moon Plains
Neithstone Reach
Mir Gelien
Ahu Ishtra
Thank you for reading. ... all-reload

Vilhelm Sandwall
Rats in the Hats
Darkfall New Dawn
POE: ... le/dudriel


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Ogólnie rzecz biorąc świetny patch. W cholerę osób wróciło.


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Jak mówisz w cholerę to masz na myśli więcej niż 20/40/100/200/1000?


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wrocilo na tyle osob ze jest non stop pvp.

Mormo Blastbeat DFO

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Dajcie jakiś filmik post patch PvP.

"White Sharia is clinically proven to make all the liberal feminism simply go away!" #fashreality


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W środę coś nagram (chyba)


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Post patch

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Post patch:

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