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Tak pomyślałem, że nie wszyscy zaglądają na oficjalne forum a w aktualnym stadium gry to się może przydać ten temat.

Release Notes - Feb 12, 2010


The team has been hard at work not only adding new content to the game, but addressing the bugs you are reporting.

We are increasing our presence in the forums to ensure that the team is aware of issues you are having. Please continue to report the bugs that you find.

edit: We are taking advantage of the unscheduled downtime to push this new update now instead of the previously scheduled 3am update.

Release Notes

    * Fixed a crash that was happening often on high traffic social maps like Earth Space Dock.
    * Made some improvements to ease lag during peak play times. We will continue to monitor and are working on additional performance increases.
    * It has been very difficult to find rare anomalies in Star Clusters. We have put in a fix to ensure that all anomalies have a better chance of being scanned and discovered. This should also help improve Memory Alpha trade.
    * Lower level repeatable missions no longer show on your remote contact options unless you are in the area where they take place. For example, if you are in Cardassian space, you will no longer see Grall in your remote contacts asking you if you want to explore Delta Volanis.
    * Crystalline Entity is no longer located at sector XXX, system YYY. We now tell you the proper sector block to find the Fleet Action in.
    * There was a UI bug with the Science Bridge Officer power “Dampening Field I” in the skills window. Based on the skills UI, it looked like the skill had been incorrectly training into the Commander-rank slot instead of the LT commander slot. If this has happened to you, it appeared that you lost two powers. We hope to fix this when you log in so that you will see that Dampening Field I is now in your LT Commander slot, and your prior Command power is still there. As Dampening Field I was intended to be a Commander power, we are working on another version which will be the correct Commander power which will be introduced into the game in a future patch, and at that time we’ll remove the LT Commander version from the power store.
    * Some players had acquired ships that were not slotting properly as ships and showing up as bridge officers instead. A fix has been put in that will fix these characters up when they log in.
    * Pre-order bonus TOS Federation uniforms now come with skirt options.
    * Added missing files to improve French and German translations of game text.
    * The Borg were showing up in the B’Tran Star Cluster in missions they should not have had access to, which lead to un-Borg like mission text and behaviors. If you do encounter the Borg in this Star Cluster, the mission will be more appropriate.
    * Auto-teaming was not working properly in some sectors. We’ve addressed this issue so that auto-teaming should now function across all sectors.
    * Some players were not getting credit for defeating the Doomsday Machine in the Imaga System. This mission has been updated so that all players should have credit for completing the mission regardless of whether they closed the last mission dialog box or not.
    * Two new Video Options were added in the prior patch to help deal with overheating issues: Limit Frame Rate and Reduce CPU/GPU Usage. These are available under Options | Video | Advanced | Troubleshooting.
    * Frame Rate defaults are now limited to 60fps.
    * Also released in the last patch, players who had purchased Pre-Order costume bonuses may now apply those bonus costumes to their bridge officers.
    * Ramming Speed was updated to cap modifiers based on speed of ramming ship. We also improved the damage formula to use the smaller vessel's HP as the base, modified by speed and size ratio between both ships involved. In general, ramming similar or smaller sized ships can be tactically beneficial, ramming larger ships becomes a self-sacrificing last resort.
    * Emergency Power to Engines - When used in a specific sequence with Evasive Maneuvers, the speed modifier from this ability was improperly applied so that it was multiplied by Evasive Maneuvers. It should no longer matter which order you use these two abilities in - they will stack, but not multiply.


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Release Notes - Feb 18, 2010
Greetings Captain!

In this week's update we are focused on addressing performance issues as well as tackling many of the bugs you've been reporting.

We hope that you've had a chance to redeem and send out your buddy keys and look forward to seeing everyone in game!

Here are the release notes for the build scheduled to post at 3am PST February 18.


    * Power trays were acting strangely and not remembering what you had placed in your first slot. Code has gone in to address this and should now remember what power you place there.
    * Work towards improving game performance when the shard is at peak capacity.
    * Fleet Bank Updates - Options are now grayed out and disabled for players who don't have permission to change them. The Limit field is now filled with the current limits set. And restrictions should now be working properly. They were not updating until you switch tabs and then back. Fixed a bug where players could circumvent limits that were set.
    * There were many areas where if you logged out, you would not log in to the right location. We've gone through the maps and hopefully addressed these so that you always log back in on the last safe static map you were on.
    * Renaming should now work properly if you and your Bridge Officer share the same name.
    * Fixed an issue where -maxfps was being ignored and always reset to 60 regardless of user options.
    * Players can no longer escape to their bridge if they are engaged in combat in a Deepspace encounter.
    * Fixed an issue where battle damage was showing up as white or grey blotches on some ships.
    * Added space station ambient audio to Deepspace K7 station.


    * Daily missions now start their cooldown from the time the mission was taken instead of from when the mission was turned in.
    * Rank up missions complete now if you get your free ship at any time, not just once you have spoken to the ship vendor. This was causing an issue with some characters getting stuck if they talked to the ship vendor contact with odd dialog choices.
    * Players who were teamed where not able to complete missions because other teammates where completing mission dialogs and warp before they had completed turning in their mission. This has been addressed so that all players can progress dialogs at their own pace while teamed.
    * Level 43+ players entering the Borg Sectors now need to hail the USS Victory and complete the hand-off mission from Admiral Quinn before they can talk to other remote contacts to access Borg related missions.
    * Removed some additional Borg Star Cluster missions that were deemed un-Borg-like.
    * Added more missing translations of mission dialog and other localized text updates.
    * Addressed an issue where players were getting stuck on the Seeds of Dissent mission by sprinting after enemies and ending up behind forcefields.
    * The dialog with the Klingons in the PJem System no longer jumps immediately to "Care to repeat your threat, Captain?"
    * Fixed the display text on some KLG cardassian missions.
    * Sulu is now a remote contact once the player is level 2.
    * Fixed a crate on the Sierra Outpost II station in Romulan space that was spawning inside of another crate.
    * The crate on the Iconian ground map is no longer giving out too many items.
    * Repeatable Star Cluster missions are now set so that they are only offered when you are neary the cluster if you are above the mission level.
    * Moved anomalies on Danteri V and Beytan V that were impossible to scan.
    * Under the Cover of Night: Den of Thieves: Commander Teleb was becoming unkillable if hit with an exploit. Teleb is now smarter and will hopefully no longer let himself get put in this situation.
    * Fixed an issue where the Diplomat could not be rescued or selected in the Diplomatic Solution mission if the player logged out/disconnected and then re-entered the map.
    * In the Minefield mission - all of the crates can now be interacted with.

Powers and Combat

    * There is now a Commander version of Dampening Field to correct the issue where some officers were receiving it at LT Commander, and removed LT Commander version from the power store.
    * Updated display name for space version of Dampening Field to Starship Dampening Field for clarity.
    * Dual Bank Antiproton weapons now do antiproton damage instead of phaser damage.
    * Science Team, Security Team, and Engineering team can now be activated while your ship is held.


    * Corrected the Klingon version of power trays to use appropriate colored borders.
    * Updated the UI to select a reward to make it clearer what you are selecting and help alleviate issues where you might not have received the reward you were expecting.
    * Contact headshots now have a border around them to make them stand out better against the background.
    * Minor layout tweaks to the disabled weapon trays during the Fed tutorial.
    * Made it clear in the UI that the first Ship and Bridge Officer rename is free.
    * Made it clearer in the UI that changing your Captain's short name (the one used for character identification purposes) requires a micro-transaction.
    * When changing fields, UI will now always be enabled so that you can see how much changes cost even if you can't afford them.
    * Unconscious away team members will now stand out better on the team UI.
    * Disabled away team control buttons for unconscious bridge officers.
    * Added some missing Klingon away team UI designs.
    * Added the instance number to the map name above the minimap if it's a static map.
    * There are now clearer notifications when you've received a new Officer, or Leveled-Up.
    * The Run recovery bar is now hidden if you are being held.
    * C-Store - Special Unlocks - "One unlock per character" message was not being display until after the item had been unlocked but is now shown sooner.
    * Special unlocked costumes were not showing up properly on the log in screen and should now display correctly.
    * The log in message now displays appropriate rank instead of level.
    * Players are now prompted if they would like to disable the proxy after 2 failed connection attempts.


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 Release Notes - Feb 19, 2010

Some issues were found after last night's patch that were preventing some players from turning in missions or viewing some remote contacts.

While it is our goal to help clean up your remote contacts list so that at higher levels you do not see every repeatable mission at every level, there was some confusion about how this worked and led to many people thinking they could no longer do missions (when in many cases - but not all - they still could).

We're reverting the remote contact changes for now, as it was blocking progression for some players, until the system is working as intended. So temporarily - no restrictions at all on remote contacts.

A few other bug fixes were resolved today, and we're taking this opportunity to include them as well.

Thank you for submitting bugs and for the many detailed threads in the Bug Forums. They are invaluable in helping the dev team track down corner cases.

Release Notes

    * Repeatable missions are again no longer level restricted and will show up on your remote contact list at all levels if avaialable
    * Fixed an issue where teams could not switch instances in Deepspace maps. Note - this only fixes the instance button on the map screen. The mini-map instance button will be fixed in a later update.
    * Players should be able to complete the Badlands and Treasure Trading Station missions regardless of the order they complete certain objectives in, and regardless of dialog options at the end of the mission.
    * Addressed an issue where a full list of remote contacts would appear when you first map transfered, but would then prune down to only a few contacts. Remote contacts should now be visible regardless of the progress made on the mission thus far.
    * Prior to last night's update, some players were able to take and progress Borg sector missions before completing the intended initial hand-off from Quinn to 4 of 10. This put some players in an odd mission state when we then required the hand-off mission from Quinn before you could talk to any other contacts. We've made some fixes to help alleviate this issue. For now, if you feel you are still in this state, drop the mission from Quinn in the Omega Fleet, go back to Risa and retake the initial hand-off mission from Quinn to rendezvous with the USS Victory where you will talk to 4 of 10 and put yourself back to the intended mission flow. In addition to fix people in this specific state, we've updated DVak, 4 of 10, and Karbo so that players can contact them to turn in a complete Borg sector mission even if they hadn't completed the initial handoff mission.


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Release Notes - Feb 26, 2010


* Very Rare and Omega items may now be equipped on your Bridge Officers. Note that these items do not display on costumes yet. Costume designs for this gear will be addressed in a future update.
* Impulse Engines with Full Enhancements now properly provided a bonus to Full Impulse speed.
* Fixed Red Matter Capacitor so that it is functional and can be equipped on the power bar. Multiples will not stack.
* Mk-X Deflectors now allow full use of all Deflector related powers.
* Clarified tooltips for Torpedoes to show they disable and kill a target percent or an absolute amount of crew - whichever is less.
* The Best Buy special promotion Tribble is now appropriately displayed as a Rare item.
* Addressed an issue where some Grenades were not displaying visual FX when thrown.
* Anti-Proton Dual Beams now use Anti-Proton stats and not Phaser stats.


* We removed the old driver warning on the 191-195 line of NVidia drivers that some players were receiving since newer drivers are not yet available for some configurations.
* Game Cursor rendering is no longer reliant on the GPU which should resolve issues with cursors disappearing on SLI configurations.


* Some larger enemy ships were not damaging player crew, and some smaller ships were damaging too many. This is now fixed.


* Fixed an issue where some players were unable to enter the Cernan system
* Added the ability to use the Depart System (minimap button) from Sol System and Earth Space Dock.


* Added more localized text that was missing from the Tutorial and Character Creation.
* Updated the Galaxy map to make locations more accurate, fix typos, and add future game play locations.
* Addressed an issue where ranking up bridge officers would unexpectedly add additional ranks.


* Congratulations Lieutenant! Voice Over narration from Leonard Nimoy should now play more reliably when you level up in space.
* Added the missing audio for Tractor Beam Repel.
* Revised the audio for science (medical) team.


* Ensured that unique special items are being checked properly to prevent players from equipping multiple copies of unique items.


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