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Version – Release

Notice: We can't stress this enough. When the launcher is running the patch installer, let it run its course. It will take some time to apply the patch and it might seem like the installer is doing nothing, but it is working. If you reboot or kill the patcher process you run the risk of corrupting you installation, forcing you to do a full reinstall.

------ ADDITIONS & CHANGES ------


- Tweaked the overall stamina regeneration a bit, raised it slightly.

- "/"-commands are now parsed. Pressing the UP key at any time while writing a "/"-commands will give cycle through the commands. For instance prees UP when you have written "/e" will change it to "/emote".

- "/emote"'s are now also parsed writing "/emote P" and pressing up will cycle through the emotes that starts with a P. Writing "/emote Po" and pressing up will cycle emotes that start with "Po".

- When sitting down or getting up you have a brief very short timeframe where you can't move.

- Added support for two-part-looping emotes.

- Added "SitDown" to the emote-list. You will sitdown until you move just as if you were resting.

- Pushing a player that is flagged as a hiddenCriminal will now reveal him as globalAllowed.

- Dying will no longer flag you as neutral when you are HC but it will start a 5min timer, after the timer runs out your flag will go to neutral.

- Going from grey after being HC should now correctly make you HC again.

- You can now cancel a "return to nearest shrine" or "suicide" by clicking the button again.

- Deleted several pig spawners and moved one pig spawner in Kranesh

- Upkeep for houses/keeps are now ON again and should be working as intended.


- Raised the amount of stam that gets drained when you swing.

- Blocking is now changed to feel a lot more responsive.

- Lowered the amount of damage you do WITHOUT fully charging you swings (spam-click).

- Slightly raised the amount of stamina when you sprint in combat mode.
Further lowered the stamina you get 1sec after you have swung you weapon.

- Counters can now be executed EVEN if you get hit during the "Counter-time-frame".

- Slightly changed the calculations for unarmed-melee combat to make the power of the hit influnce the result more.

- You can now do a counter even if the perfect-block reduce the damage to 0.


- Took down the XP-gain on stealing.

- Tweaked controlled riding so that it has greater impact on the stam-drain when riding in full speed.

- Stealing-animation now causes a short stun.

- Snooping-animation now causes a short stun.

- Thivery animations are now twice as fast.

- It's now slightly easier to steal larger stacks of items.

- It's now slightly easier to steal from targets that have a very high Intelligence.

- The cooldown when you are stealing is now reduced from 10 to 7.


- You can now name your crafted-items whatever you want! NOT adding a name will give them their default name. Recipes will be called the same name as the name of the item.

- Blank Paper has been added at the Utility Vendor for use when making "Crafting Recipes"


- You can now set a 4-letter acronym in the guild-menu if you are the guild-leader.

- Typing /guild acronym will now toggle if other people will see your guild-acronym when the target you.

Guild wars:

- You can now have a maximum of five (5) guild wars at the same time. When you have reached the maximum number of five wars you will not be able to challenge other guilds and other guilds wont be able to challenge you.

- Pending war challenges can no longer be accepted by any side if either one of them has five guild wars already.

- If your guild has no current war, your next war declaration will automatically succeed without leaving your opponent with the choice to reject it. (Unless the opponent already has five wars, then it will get rejected)

- Stats of total kills of guild war opponents are now being saved.

- Stats of total deaths to guild war opponents are now being saved.

- Stats of kills of current guild war opponents are now being saved.

- Stats of deaths to current guild war opponents are now being saved.

- Stats of total guild war wins & losses are now being saved.

- Declaring war on another guild will now send a message to all members of both your own guild and of the enemy guild.

- Challenging another guild to war will now send a message to all members of both your own guild and of the enemy guild.

- Rejecting a war challenge from another guild will now send a message to all members of both your own guild and of the enemy guild.

- Withdrawing from a war will now send a message to all members of both your own guild and of the enemy guild.

Art & Sound:

- A valley east of Moh-Ki has got a graphical update.

- New horse footstep sounds implemented.

- Horse footsteps are now correctly spatialized.

- Horse footsteps are separated in higher amplitude when cantering/galloping and lower amplitude when walking.

- Horse footsteps are now separated into 3 sounds when cantering/galloping; one close and two further away.

- Horse footstep sounds have more accurate precision touching ground.

- Added new night ambience in Kranesh and Fabernum forest.

- Added missing day sounds in Kranesh.

- Global night ambiance are higher in amplitude.

- Specific night ambiance added in jungle.

- Lowered Etherworld ambience 20%.

- Perfect block sound added.

------ BUG FIXES ------


- Fixed a memory-leak.

- Fixed "floating" player houses.

- All attribute-points of old characters will be re-calculated once they login.

- All skill-points of old characters will be re-calculated once they login, to get rid of skill-points that are under 0.- Workbenches in houses should now dissapear when the house is destroyed.


- Possible fix for the negative skillPoints bug, please report if you get this again.

- Lending a hand in structure construction will now give skill gain again.

- Fixed a glitch that made reds get a little bit more points after stat-loss.


- Fixed a glitch connected to sprinting while spamming weapon-swings.

- Attacking thieves with pets should now correctly use the flag-rules.

Art & Sound:

- Fixed animations-issues with drawing/sheathing weapons.

- Fixed a bug that sometimes made animations not play correctly for other players.- Lots of stuck points are fixed all over Myrland.

- Cleared lots of stuck points in Vadda- Fixed a GUI bug that occurred when engaging in numerous guild wars at once.

- Fixed a bug where a cancelled guild war would remain in the GUI.


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9th of August:
 Deployable extracting
 Deployable camping sites
 Mount equipment (bags and armor)
 Combat special moves
 Player vendors
 Banners & Guild Tabards
 Destructible spawners

16th of August:
 Territory control
 Rare boss spawn (not an epic creature)

Coming features/content:
 New UE build (visual improvements, possibility of Speedtree 5.2, improved AI)
 High res textures
 Complete overhaul of current GUI/UI. Adding flash support
 Crafting system finalized (weapon, armor and bow)
 Item system finalized
 Magic system in spell book system, 2 complete schools
 Finalizing dungeons and different locations in Myrland
 AI finalizing for common mobs/NPCs
 Destructible doors, chests
 Finalizing FFA structures, destructible


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Anubis> <[PURE]Amril> will melee weapons get sliders like bows so we can select differing amounts of materials for each handle/head?

Henrik>Not really, you first create your handle, and then your head, and put them togheter. You create each part seperately chosing a material for each part.
Henrik>What we lack today is the part when you can take it apart, and repair them. Which will come later.
Henrik>As you may know crafting is Mats main area, and he have some more plans for crafting a bit further, which will come after we got all our main crafting areas in the game, such as butchery, alchemy etc..

Anubis>[Drakes]Tizio: Monday territory control is coming. How will it work?
Henrik>We will start out pretty basic, Myrland is devided in "countries" 8 of them at the moment.
Henrik>In these regions there will be at least 2 keeps to controll
Henrik>when in controll we will initate a land ruler by a voting system, you can vote via your house menu, or in a major city via a voting npc
Henrik>a house vote gives 2 votes, a npc vote gives 1 vote
Henrik>To be able to be voted on you need to have a guild and own a keep
Henrik>The vote period will last for 7 days, hmm or 5 days. think it was 7 then the guild with most votes gets to controll that land/region
Henrik>The guild leader will then get the option to turn of voting on that land again, and it may only be taken by force at that point.
Henrik>Or keep voting open for a new voting period.
Henrik>When in control over an area, you are able to set taxes in that area, you will eventually be able to set a tax per race
Henrik>There is at the moment a tax rate on 0-200% added on the default upkeep on houses and keeps
<@Henrik> To take controll over a current controlled area you have to declear war on the current controller
<@Henrik> All guilds have 1 forces declearation slot
<@Henrik> To be able to take the controll over that land you need to have a keep in that land, and either destroy the current owners keep, or make them surrender which gives the control over.
<@Henrik> We also add siege weapons which is the key to really do some damage to houses and keeps
<@Henrik> houses will only be able to construct the low end siege machine, which is the hail caster
<@Henrik> The hail caster can be used on both players/beasts and buildings, its not the best way to take down a keep
<@Henrik> Catapults and trebuchets will be constructed within a keep siege construction module
<@Henrik> with this you load heavy rocks to do real damage vs buildings
<@Henrik> at first you have to get a blue pring within a siege module, then you have to pick a location to start the construction, and then build it
<@Henrik> then you have to learn how to use it, as in put ammo in it, aim load and shoot
<@Henrik> as you can see theres lots of info going in this system and I could go on for quite some time
<@Henrik> but I guess I will leave this open for new questions
<@Henrik> on whats interesting for you.

<@Anubis> Please send the questions to [QT]Magree of [QT]Mifun or they might not get answered

<@Anubis> <ShareHolder01> Do you think you could add a weekend shift to your support staff? I notice that support tickets are never answered on the weekends. Do you think you could add more GM's to unstick people as well as to ban gold farmers advertising there websites in game. (These guys should be banned in 5 minutes or less! Why do I have to listen to there yelling in Meduli for over an hour?!?)

<@Henrik> Right, we have now support staff on weekends as well, please be patient, we are still expanding our GM/support system, as in sometime our ticket guys have to verify with other ppl
<@Henrik> For isntance check with our payment system guys, or with GM guys.
<@Henrik> We also had some issues with people now since its vecation, but it is now solved and should reply quicker than before.

<@Anubis> [Myrm]ThaBadMan> Ok here we go, When will we see epic mobs like the dragon and the fire golem in game?

<@Henrik> This Monday we will add an important system, which is one req for our epic mobs, You will see a boss added on monday which should be somewhat interesting
<@Henrik> As you may know already we do have some issues with our AI/Navmesh system which makes our creatures blind in the world, however they are very complexed
<@Henrik> But without eyes they act dumb
<@Henrik> and also able to hit you invis and not keep track on what level they are on in caves for instance, you have surely experienced this in a way or another
<@Henrik> Epic Games China is working on this important system, which is the key for our AI to work as intended
<@Henrik> As you can understand thats also a key to be able to let our Epics to be AI controlled, and not only Dev controlled.
<@Henrik> However you will soon see *something* in the world, to start getting an idea on what epics could be about
<@Henrik> and like I said, the monday patch will give you something interesting to counter, which we also test some epic cases. so there should be some interesting pve event
<@Henrik> that is built in mind with our current AI system

<@Anubis> Mojoz: Hey. We've all heard about the "epic" epic patch that is supposed to be coming soon, and all the features that people want to come with it. Will we be seeing improvements immediately after the patch is applied, or will it take time (for example two weeks after the patch) to see UO style inventory , high res textures etc?

<@Henrik> ok, so what you will experience, or should from day one is, a proper AI navigation and reaction, improved performance overall with shadows enabled, some eye candy effects, and possible an upgrade on our trees/vegitation
<@Henrik> Hopefully shortly after, we will be able to patch flash content, as ex. UO inventory and lots of other things such as board games, flashy magic schools etc. not as in flashy colors that much but functions.
<@Henrik> so, you will notice some changes instantly with that patch, but I would also prepare for some new bugs along with that, even thou epic grants them for beign properly tested they still have bugs when you play with it
<@Henrik> With that update we will also increase server population cap with an insane amount, not that its a problem atm but for future system/patches content, we can still be connected to the same server.
<@Henrik> So it indeeds open up for new areas and imrpoves the overall level of our server, stability wise as well

<@Anubis> <BasilT> Creature control and taming. Is there going to be more than one animal at a time?? Anything we can know about the future or development of taming?

<@Henrik> Taming and creature control is somewhat tied with our AI/Navmesh limits which I described before.
<@Henrik> That means we try to get the core working properly before adding features such more pet controll points, which means even more glitches with our current AI system
<@Henrik> as in today you are aware of some of the issues our pets do with our current AI. add in another pet to that and you understand it gives more issues to the game at this point
<@Henrik> So we think it could be best to first get the proper AI codes from epic before we add more player pets. We have a pet meeting next week actually when we will see if we really need to wait for the update or add another controll point thou. So more on that later.

<@Anubis> Norelion: When will the Armor-System be revamped so we can get social-clothing and more armor-meshes?

<@Henrik> I can tell you that we seem to solve our texture merge issue we have had since day one.
<@Henrik> This means, we will almost have an infinite amount of armor parts to be added into the game, we are mass producing armor concepts atm.
<@Henrik> Another major thing is, we will solve the texture memory issue we have at the moment
<@Henrik> which means if not all client crashes related to texture memory crashes will be solved more or less.
<@Henrik> And that we can start adding lots of new things such as social clothing etc.
<@Henrik> Our goal is to patch this system on 23th of 30th of August.
<@Henrik> I will shortly update under dev section with the following 3 patches and its key features/fixes.

@Anubis> <[FOR]Thaeric> Any word on 'enriching' Nave? Can we expect to see roads, fountains, fire pits, etc in player towns soon? How about rocks in valleys surrounded by mountains that have none?

<@Henrik> Yes, along with the new update that gives more performance which means more room for content, and the texture issue solved we can add more probs and stuff in the world.

<@Anubis> [NAG]Aunora: When will the crafters get more love in the form of UI and inventory management? for example currently taking about 100 clicks to make an armor set is getting tiresome, recipes would take 10 slots per type of armor.

<@Henrik> Indeed, we will soon work on making that a bit smoother, also tie armor parts togheter so its one drag and drop on loot or on your body, for isntance you can tie gloves as a set so its 1 item insterad of 2.
<@Henrik> We are going through the next 3 patches as I said before, and will reveal what gets in them shortly so you can get an idea on whats coming next.

<@Anubis> <Wing_Ching> will we see a test server soon? to help test and have patches "fixed" when they release

<@Henrik> This is of course something we would like to have since day one, there are few problems with it however.
<@Henrik> Even eve online with its 350k+ player base they sometime have problems getting enough testers on their live teste server
<@Henrik> spec when it aint super interesting to try out.
<@Henrik> we have a smaller player base which means even less testers would join it
<@Henrik> thats one reason, and some cases could mean we would probably not get more than our 25 ppl inhouse.. 10 more doesnt help that much
<@Henrik> and the other thing is the cost for it, its a huge project to set one up and cost both hardware and licensing etc. and to support it, everything takes time and resources which we have little of atm.
<@Henrik> So, whenever we are able to we will start one for sure, we will do what we can, and we may start a small server sooner than expecter if possible to see how it could work.
<@Henrik> Testing 30 people is one thing letting in a couple of hundreds or thousand players is another thing, and the difference really happens around the later numbers to have an efficient testing enviroment

<@Anubis> <Inanna> Will there be a form of heraldry in the game, surch as banners or tabard with guild colors and guild emblems

<@Henrik> Yes, we disabled our banners and tabards in our patch last Monday, as you can see they were planend to go live then, but with some issues left we disabled them
<@Henrik> We now have our banners fixed, and shortly tabards
<@Henrik> some of them may come in this next patch
<@Henrik> you will have some diff styles to chose from color and logos, and eventually we plan to let you upload your own logo for your guild.

<@Anubis> [RUS]Golozhopenko: Here is my question: Currently there is no storage or utility vendor inside keeps, this prevents some good trade/visitors from comming to keeps, will you be adding storage and/or utility vendors soon to keeps?

<@Henrik> We have not yet decided what to add to our keeps other then the things it gets on Monday, we have a list of things and you have also suggested a few interesting things that would be interesting to add to a keep
<@Henrik> We will however start out with more storage, 4 different chests, and the siege module construction for keeps only, which then will be atractive for players looking for some good siege weapons
<@Henrik> as only keeps can construct them all.

<@Anubis> <[DC]Goran> When will fishing and boating be implemented?

<@Henrik> Fishing will be implemented within this new batch we will post on the under dev section shortly
<@Henrik> as in around 2-3 weeks from now.
<@Henrik> more confirmed on this comes under that section soon.
<@Henrik> boating is somewhat later, Im not sure when yet, you are able to effect when depending on what you would like to see first, we will probably supply a list of things, and let the community say what they want first.

<@Anubis> AlfaBravo: The Khurite villages will actually move? Cause Moring Khur is supposed to be the only permanent setlement.

<@Henrik> Im not sure actually, something I have to discuss with Mats

<@Anubis> <Huggmuth> Have you considered adding small buildable tents/huts for "solo" players?

<@Henrik> not really, but if its something the masses screams for, then we may look into that as well, its not to hard for us to add new structures now, but like I said before we want textures to be solved first.

<@Henrik> oh and did I meantion the third thing for the texture system we solved, high res textures is also possible with this system.

<@Anubis> <Raydric> Lot of the upcoming updates are focussed around PvP. What will be done to improve the PvE part of the game aswell, for example rare drops / spawns that will be worth hunting besides making money.

<@Henrik> Same answer like before, we need proper AI code to be able to really add major things for PVE, what we will do however is add some bits before that happens, with destructable spawners and our monday patch we are able to add some more PVE related stuff
<@Henrik> Monday patch should show some intresting pve if that works well, we will be able to add similar things shortly after.
<@Henrik> and then along with the epic update we can finaly start adding some major stuff.

<@Anubis> Vukurutu: I would like to know more about the future of Thievery, will it get a rebalance ? more features to make it fun ?

<@Henrik> Yes it will get balance changes, and we will add features such as disguise kits and other moves for a thief to do. And we will try hard to make it work somewhat ballanced in our world without scaring away to many new players

<@Anubis> Deddarus: my question: will we see hazards in etherworld and if so what form will they take?

<@Henrik> You will soon see stuff in the etherworld, thats pretty much all I can say at this point, we have allways had a cool thing here that should shock a few of you guys, hopefully, Im not sure when we are able to add them yet.
<@Henrik> There are major plans for the etherworld, as in some magic school is tied to this world and you will be able to do more things than simply walk in the etherworld
<@Henrik> There are lore and things to gather from the etherworld, things that will affect the living world.

<@Anubis> [SS]Raific: Mounted combat seemed like it got a severe nerf in the last patch. It's unreliable at best and horses seem to be only good for transport now. Will this be re-evaluated and adjusted for those of us who use to enjoy mounted combat?

<@Henrik> hmm not sure how you mean by severe nerfed, speed was slightly lowered and will depend on armor and weight, a saddle was added to better control and a minor speed boost.
<@Henrik> What we added was a strategic move for unmounted players to be able to counter a player charign into you, with the use of a spear stance, what will be added to our mounts is
<@Henrik> diff type of armor, some are good for charging into stuff some are not. there will be lances to use on mount as well, which makes it important to aim your hit with the lance
<@Henrik> this have allways been part of our org design, its simply that its coming now, when we slowly getting to those areas
<@Henrik> mounts are in my eyes still a viable way of fighting, its just that we now add more areas to fight and counter from and against mounted players.
<@Henrik> light horses without armor is not suposed to knock everything down
<@Henrik> if you want to do that, you have to get your self an heavy mount and add some protection on it, and learn how to knock them down, as long as a player is counter the knock down
<@Henrik> with player skills, there is a way he can avoid it

<@Maerlyn> ShareHolder01: Will we ever be able to use gold to buy books or to pay house taxes or will we always have to use silver to pay for these?

<@Henrik> for now we will stick with that yes, later on we will see if we really would need to change that.

<@Maerlyn> [SS]Scynx_work: Is the completion of the City of Tindrem in the near future? Is it being worked on? What needs to happen before you open Tindrem's gates?

<@Henrik> The core of Tindrem is ready, we have worked on tindrem over a year, we got a problem with it a few times when it comes to performance
<@Henrik> its very large and needs proper planning for performance to work
<@Henrik> we also want Tindrem to be a large area to adventure in not only visit like any other city
<@Henrik> at a few times we almost decided to ok, now lets release tindrem, but thought that you would probably thing it looks cool and so, but its just another diff looking city than our current
<@Henrik> So we hold it back to make sure its both good looking good performance, and to hold a few diff features
<@Henrik> Our vision is to give you a living city, the image you already may have in your own head
<@Henrik> We dont want to dissapoint that image
<@Henrik> the small taste you got from our town life video is a must as well we think
<@Henrik> thats why we keept it close for now and it will probably stay closed for some time, because you know the AI must work better to enable living AI in the city
<@Henrik> we have dungeons and systems under the entire tindrem making it twice the size as well
<@Henrik> one part is unguarded and criminel, so it should cater for many play styles and interesting moments
<@Henrik> So you see we have added lots of things to Tindrem, and those things do take some time.

<@Maerlyn> Huckbuck: Can you go through the ideas for soon to come combat abilities?

<@Henrik> We finished the system for any special move we may come up with in our last patch, we only added the spear stance because we want to make sure it didnt get out of control, and we are interested to hear feedback on this
<@Henrik> We noticed its easy to confuse what someone means with a special move
<@Henrik> people was scared to see final fantasy moves in our game when we tried to talk about this
<@Henrik> We are still aiming for realistic moves which you could have done in rl, somewhat at least
<@Henrik> our goal is to add strategic moves that you dont want to spam, a move that you could do in the right moment
<@Henrik> spear stance is one good example of such move
<@Henrik> we dotn want to add a spam attack which simply adds % damage
<@Henrik> but interesting moves to change the expected battle
<@Henrik> again we are interesting to hear suggestions to get ideas as long as it fit the core vision of MO

<@Maerlyn> [Myrm]Angarato: when will we see the special moves for the other weapons? and what are they gonna be like?

<@Henrik> as you know our damage type, different weapon types have their own strenght in the diff damage types
<@Henrik> we want to use this somewhat do add to a special move if its possible
<@Henrik> as in a blunt weapon, morning star is a great weapon to wreck armor pieces
<@Henrik> you could use a weapon to swing in a wider area, that way hitting more than 1 player, but to be careful not to hit your friends as well
<@Henrik> you could have right timings when you move to add a special attack as well
<@Henrik> a move to aim on a special body part, which then gives an effect of its own
<@Henrik> as in slowing someone down, making his vision get changes, loosing bloods etc.

<@Maerlyn> [HYBRID]Gromduraz: Are there any immediate plans about expanding myrland, or adding an entirely new continent?

<@Henrik> Not immediate, like you can see, we still lack a few dungeons, areas to be finilized, Tindrem to open, after that, or if we suddenly get out of space sooner than expected we will start opening the next continent.
<@Henrik> Myrland is the "blue print" for our next continent, as in next continent will be more efficient and be made a lot faster, there was lots of areas to be leanered and tweaked in Myrland.
<@Henrik> As you know one large continent without any loading at all, no instances. we got it to work, but needs to tweak a few areas and add stuff as long as our system lets us to, as in the texture merge fix I talked about earlier.

<@Maerlyn> Ritual: What happened to the religion system?

<@Henrik> It got somewhat on pause, we simply wanted to add to many of our interesting systems, we have a few features in testing, somewhat done, and some are more half done/designed.
<@Henrik> dependign on feedback, which we allways try to, gather info from the community what are they interested in, if a to small group of players are interested in a feature we should simply put that down in our prio list
<@Henrik> but we still personally think its a cool feature so its not that we are ignoring that one, cause Im pretty confident that when you get to see the details about it, it will raise in the communities eyes.
<@Henrik> but for it to work better, we should nail our current core features a bit more.

<@Maerlyn> Nightburn: Question regarding the flag system: Would you consider making people that attack reds from your guild local allowed to the whole guild?

<@Henrik> We could consider that yes.

<@Maerlyn> [OUTS]Erinian: For Slag Haulers Extraction System will be improved? Because now we have to split 1 by 1 and re-stack 1 by 1 and it is painfull.. So is it not better to have a system that you configure your quantity and let it works while you have the material and catalyst on your bag?

<@Henrik> I know some things there is a bit of a hussle.. We will try to improve those areas, again its a matter of a priotize, there are so many areas people wanto us to work on, it aint easy for us to pick the areas as we are still a small team

<@Maerlyn> [PURE]Amril: When will we get the other styles of houses? like the meduli ones we got when housing was first implemented. Also, any word on when we get free form housing (no house spots), and what about tindrem?

<@Henrik> we had a texture problem when following our org plan which was add 1 house style per each race
<@Henrik> so we had to quickly change it to continent stylish instead
<@Henrik> we may, but only maybe be able to add diff styles or even race style houses again after our texture merge update, we are not sure yet
<@Henrik> nwo when we solve the texture problem we should not fill it with a new problem that causes the same issue, client crashes in most cases.
<@Henrik> we are able to add a couple of more styles that is for sure, but we still dont know how much room we have after our texture update, we will see later
<@Henrik> different meshes is not a problem, but textures as in styles are worse

<@Maerlyn> [TT]Aphilas: Will special items for mages like lets say a staff for 2-3 gold from vendor be implemeted as requirements to be able to cast any spell? Atm there is an issue of naked mages runing to "fight" with just reagents for 5-10 spells meaning they don't risk anything which leads to a lot of griefing.

<@Henrik> what you describe sounds like our staff magic school.
<@Henrik> a mage will allways rely on something useful/important/value to be able to cast a spell. In probably all schools I think..

<@Maerlyn> and the last question for this HoC:
<@Maerlyn> [Aegis]Lochlin: are there any plans for making each 'country' have unique properties, resources, perks making them worth fighting for or setting up trade between, etc?

<@Henrik> yes, we will add more and new resources, and we could call them perks yes, for each country that you are able to control and able to try to control that trade or set up trade routes etc

<@Henrik> Thanks everyone for the qeustions, allways fun to get a few new questions, even thou I thought it was impossible after these years

<@Maerlyn> Ok ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the firt MO HoC. Thank you all for attending and for your questions.

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Version – Release

Notice: We can't stress this enough. When the launcher is running the patch installer, let it run its course. It will take some time to apply the patch and it might seem like the installer is doing nothing, but it is working. If you reboot or kill the patcher process you run the risk of corrupting you installation, forcing you to do a full reinstall.

------ FEATURES ------

Territory system:
A basic territory control system is now in place.
Typing /territory in the chat will tell you where you are and what guild that owns that territory.

How it works:
Only guilds with a keep in the zone may gain ownership of that zone.
Guilds can only control one zone at a time for now.
Each zone will have two or more keeps in its area.
House owners can vote for what guild they want controlling the zone that their House is located in.

All players can vote for what guild they want controlling any zone, this is done via Voting Officers. Voting Officers can usually be found close to libraries.
Votes are counted once every week (early Sunday morning).

A player has one vote per account, but can acquire an additional vote by owning a house. House votes are worth twice as much as a player vote. Player votes count as: 1 and House votes count as: 2. This means that one account can have a total of 3 votes.
Voting on one of your characters will set the same vote to the rest of your characters. They will however all only count as one.

In the event of a vote tie between the current owner guild and a new guild, the current owner guild will win. If no guild owned the territory previously, no owner will be set.
In the event of a vote tie where the current owner is not in the split first position, the territory will become owned by no one.

Once a guild controls a zone, that zone will default to dictatorship rule. Meaning that voting the owning guild off the throne is impossible. A guild can choose whether their zone shall be a dictatorship or a democracy. Via the keep options UI.

Gaining ownership of a dictatorship zone requires a Guild War win vs the owning guild, a keep in the zone in question and that your guild does not already own another zone.
Winning a Guild War vs the dictatorship owner can be done either via making them surrender to you, or by destroying their keep.

Losing your territory can be done via votes if democracy is enabled, via the above war loss example or by having your keep destroyed.

By pressing Use('R') on the flag structure that marks the territory center you will be able to see who owns the territory in question. You can also use: /territory – This shows who currently owns the zone as well as what zone you are in.

Owning a zone will grants your guild one extra Guild War Challenge that can not be declined.

Boss Encounter:
The rare and powerful 'Greater Kimuru' will occasionally venture into the caves of Myrland. Only the most coordinated players will succeed in bringing him down.. Even then, its no simple task.

This is our first Boss Encounter in Nave. We will be monitoring and reading your feedback of this encounter. We will be adjusting this Encounter when/if the need arises.

Build Plans:
Build plans can be right clicked to create a build-site. By pressing Use("R") while targeting the build-site you can build an object out of it. Build sites have skill-restrictions so you might need a certain skill to build the object. Build sites have a set amount of resources you need to build it, each Use("R") will build the site a little bit and take the resources out of your backpack.

Siege Weapons:
Siege weapons are built using a build-plan that can be bought from a house or a keep. Keeps have more advanced siege weapons then houses.

To use a siege-weapon you need to go through a set amount of steps in the right order for example:
A Manganon needs to first be winded down by pressing Use("R") on the lever on its side, then loaded by pressing Use("R") while looking at the bucket and then fired by pressing Use("R") and looking at the roller under the bucket. Projectiles from siege-weapons deal a set amount of AoE damage to players/characters/structures alike so stay out of it's way.

Each siege weapon uses it's own type of ammo. A siege weapon can be rotated by looking at one of the handles on the side of the machine and pressing Use("R").

When a Siege Weapon is being built, it will be flagged Grey. When they are completed, they will be flagged Blue. However, Guards will attack Siege Weapons placed inside a guard zone.

Please note:
This is the first stage of the Siege Weapons system. Siege Weapons are currently immobile. They can only be rotated at the position they are placed. They can not be moved forwards, backwards etc nor can they be dismantled. Siege Weapons will get destroyed each server reboot. Support for this will get added in coming patches.

------ ADDITIONS & CHANGES ------

- All flags will now be visible and taken into account from a much further range.
- All portable objects are now flagged as gray by default.
- You can no longer stack portable items.
- Optimized login code on the server.
- Siege weapon ammo can be bought at your local utility vendor.
- Banners can be bought at your local guild merchant vendor. Banners are equipped in the Back slot.

AI & Mounts:
- A cool down of 2.0s between each speed level is now in place when accelerating with your mount.
- Donkeys now have a 510 kg cap on how much they can carry.
- The rare mongrel horse now has a new look.
- Made minor optimizations in Vadda.
- Added a desert horse equipment vendor.
- Added a mongrel horse equipment vendor.
- Added a jotun horse equipment vendor.
- Bull Horse equipment can only be bought in Gaul'Kor and Kranesh.
- Desert horse equipment can only be bought in Khurite villages.
- Mongrel horse equipment can only be bought in Khurite villages.
- Steppe horse equipment can only be bought in Khurite villages, Morin Khur and Toxai.
- Jotun horse equipment can only be bought in Kranesh and Fabernum.
- Price is set for 50 silver for mount saddles and 100 silver for mount armor.
- Price is set for 25 silver for donkey saddle and 50 silver for transportation bags.

Art & Sound:
- A sound will now be played when entering a guild war.
- Added sounds to the Spear Stance.
- Added more arrow hit ground sounds.
- Added new icons for the hail caster blueprint and hail caster spears.
- Added new icons for the manganon blueprint and manganon rock.
- The moon is now back.*
- More ambient light during nights when you see stars or moon, still pitch black only when clouded or no moon.*

- Your arrows will now be visible to other players once they've hit the ground.
- Your arrows will now play a sound to other players when hitting the ground near them.
- Changed the archery tracing trajectory into an actual arrow affected by physics.
- Changed the arrow shot from bows from a particle effect into a modeled arrow.
- Arrows shot will now be affected by wind direction and strength.
- Arrows shot will now drop slightly faster if it's raining. Drop rates will change with rain levels.
- The animation for releasing your arrow will now play much faster.
- The arrow spawned at bow release will now appear much faster.
- Decreased the chance to resist a knockdown a little bit.
- Spear Stance now sends a damage messages.

- Increased the max amount of guild members per guild from 100 to 300.

- More keep spots have been added in Myrland.

New house options:
- You can now vote for the guild that you want as controllers of the Territory that your house is in.
- You can now buy the Siege weapon Hail Caster in your house for 100 gold.

New Keep Options :
- You can now allow or disallow voting for territory control in your keep.
- You can now buy the Siege weapon Manganon in your keep for 350 gold.
- You can now buy the Siege weapon Hail Caster in your keep for 100 gold.

- House signs now show if a house has a guild and the name of that guild.
- House signs now shows if the house owner is supporting another guild in territorial control and the name of that guild.

- No spells will print [magic] anymore as type of damage.

------ BUG FIXES ------

- Fixed the crash that occurred when targeting a mount when a player mounted it.
- Fixed a crash when targeting a guard.*
- Fixed a bug that made characters ignore their movement-speed reduction due to weight.
- Fixed yet another typo in books.
- Fixed an issue with weapons/armor/shields that didn't get correctly destroyed when they had less than 0 durability left.
- Fixed a guard-flag bug.
- Fixed a glitch with books. (Might have caused invisible skills).
- Fixed an issue that caused players off-hand to become non-functional for equipment when a shield broke.

AI & Mounts:
- Changed the priest outside Fabernum to a priest that resurrect gray and red players.
- Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to be able to dismount through walls.

- Fixed a bug where an arrow could be made to strike twice.
- Arrows should no longer get stuck in foliage, leaves etc.
- Arrows can now hit targets under water.
- Fixed a bug where charging an arrow and getting knocked down would "fizzle" your next arrow.
- Fixed a bug where drawing your bow while not having any arrows equipped would still give you a targeting reticule.

- Fixed an issue where guild wars would not update properly until a few minutes after log in.

- Earthquake is now operational once again.
- Corrupt should now properly print the casters name in the victims chat.
- Corrupt should now properly present the caster with damage done.
- Mind blast should now properly print the casters name in the victims chat.
- Magic Reflection should now remain on the target for its intended 30min (or until canceled by an incoming spell).
- Fixed a bug where a mind blast sometimes got stuck and didn't trigger its damage until another mind blast was cast at the target.
- Thunderlash should now properly print the casters name in the victims chat.
- Fulmination should now properly print the casters name in the victims chat.
- Fulmination will now properly print damage done in the casters chat.

Skills & Attributes:
- Players that have creature control skill and don't have the taming skill, should now properly be able to
command a pet only based on their creature control skill.
- Pet transfer command should now output correct info when transfer fails.

- Fixed the broken UI for donkeys with bags, this was the issue that caused nothing to happen when you pressed "R".



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Please keep in mind that these are NOT the complete patchnotes.

Week 1: 23 august

· Major focus on bugfixes
· New mount type + equipment
· New creatures
· Trees of Myrland get a visual update
· Performance increase for some cities

Week 2: 30 august

· Fishing
· Texture optimization
· Magic update
· New improved realistic collision system on weapons
· Option to aim up and down and move siege weapons
· New creatures
· Alarm Bell on keeps
· New "pickables" including stones for siege weapons
· Craftable Mount gear
· Possibility to let siege weapons stay in the world until they are destroyed
· Basic Alliance option
· Basic tax system for land controllers

Week 3: 6 September

· Mount weapons
· New weapon group: crossbows
· New armor sets
· Basic Alchemy
· Epic Creature
· High resolution textures support
· New creatures
· New dungeon
· Fledging flag
· Increased storage space for keeps including a vault chest to keep tax money in



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------ ADDITIONS & CHANGES ------

- Rebuilt the stat-loss for reds, it now works like this:
When you kill a blue player, you receive +1 to your long-term and short-term counts.
The long-term timer decides if you are Red or not.
The long-term timer is on a 8 hours / count timer.
Going above 5 long-term counts flags you Red.
The short-term decides if you will receive stat loss or not.
The short-term timer is on a 4 hours / count timer.
Going above 5 short-term counts will cause you to loose stats when you resurrect. (10% stat loss as always)
Each time you kill another blue player you will receive another count and the timers will reset.

- "/statlosscount" or "/statloss" in the chat will show you your current stat-loss time.
- You will now lose a murder count every 8th hour.
- Remade a lot of the GUI-stuns into cool downs meaning they no longer cause full-stun.
- Reworked how much cool down you have for doing certain GUI/server operations a bit.

AI & Mounts:
- Donkeys with bags now have 28 slots.
- Built a system to make it easier to see what mount-equipment fits on which mount.
- All the attacks of the rare boss encounter have been tweaked. They are now more consistent with its animations.
- The behavior of the rare boss encounter has been tweaked.
- Murder system for pets has been implemented. Pets can now recieve murder counts like any other player. It's still being worked on.

Art & Sound:
- Gaurs, cousins of the Wisents, can now be found roaming the south west regions of Myrland.
- Audio from low frequency thunder strikes are no longer played directional for a more authentic thunder storm.
- A few Molva Beasts from Nordveld are now running free in Myrland.
- Mount equipment for Molva beasts added to a certain vendor.
- Molva beast leather armor can be bought in the color red, blue, green, yellow, black, white and gray.
- Saddles and Armors added for the Rare Mongrel Horse, can be bought in Vadda.
- Bullhorse saddle can be bought for 200 silver instead of 50.
- Tabards added.
- Added Tabard tailors in every city.
- Tabards can be bought in the same colors as banners.
- All teal banners have been removed.
- Added props within the palisades close to Morin Khur.
- Added props within the palisades close to Kranesh.

- Added directional blocking. Moving right or left while pressing block will make you block in that direction. If you block in the correct direction when you get hit it will result in a perfect block. The old perfect block is still active too.
- Took down the amount of damage you do when spam-clicking with a weapon rather then letting it charge.
- You will now get a damage message when you get hit by a siege weapon.
- Raised overall melee-damage a bit.
- Took down the overall defense of armors a bit.

- Guild ranks 3 to 10 will now be able to invite members to the guild.
- Disbanding a guild will now also clear the ownership on any houses that the guild owned.

- All player constructible objects (Houses, Keeps, Walls, Bridges etc) should now be visible from a much longer distance.
- Catalysts can now be sold by player vendors.
- Some houses and keeps have been slightly moved to fit with their surroundings.
- Crafting recipes can now be used on workbenches in houses.

- Magic reflection now stays on the target until logout or until canceled by an incoming spell.

Skills & Attributes:
- Parts of the skill-system is rebuilt. It should solve some of the current skill issues.
- Using spear stance now drains a bit of stamina.
- Spears now lose durability if you hit someone while in spear stance.
- Extraction now requires that you use a certain amount of catalysts for maximum yield. (And you will no longer lose the entire stack of catalysts when using them.)

- Streamlined the Extraction Window.

------ BUG FIXES ------

- Players should no longer be teleported through palisades.
- Fixed issues with players who looked strange when they logged in on a mount.
- Siege Weapons now work on unconstructued buildings.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes made unequipping your off-hand weapon/shield/torch disappear.
- Killing players in mercy mode will now correctly flag the killer.
- You can no longer interact with siege weapons while dead.
- Fixed a bug that made it possible to sprint without losing the right amount of stamina.
- Fixed a bug connected to Extraction that sometimes made the extracted materials not show up.
- You can no longer add items to your carry-pet from a very long distance.
- Fixed an issue that could cause invisible creatures/pets.
- Fixed a bug where teleporting you to a priest when dead didn't always work.
- Fixed a bug that enabled players to equip items while dead.
- Palisades will now correctly take damage from Siege Weapons.

AI & Mounts:
- Some spiders were not dropping intended loot, they should be fixed now.
- Animal corpses will now spawn in a better way and most of the oddness like rotation on corpse is now fixed.
- Pets killed when the owner is offline will no longer respawn when the owner logs back on.
- General tweaks and fixes were made for the taming system.
- An issue that made some creatures fail in any stable handling and re-creation has been resolved. Affected creatures was: River prower, Shore prower, Terror bird.
- Pets should now keep their names even between server reboots.
- Pets should no longer automatically follow their tamer after a server reboot.
- Pets attacking blue players should now be flagged only when actually reaching its target and making an actual attempt to attack.

Art & Sound:
- Fixed props that interfered with palisades close to Morin Khur.
- Fixed props that interfered with palisades close to Kranesh.
- Fixed odd altitudes on keep and houses inside palisades close to Nereb Madgulu.
- Stone and dust debris when clicking on your character in character creation is back.
- A memory leak by the Morin Khur starting point has been fixed.

- Fixed a bug where leaving your guild wouldn't reset your guild membership flag.
- Fixed a bug where leaving your guild wouldn't reset your acronym.

- Fixed a bug where it was possible that the house would not receive payment for upkeep when payed with multiple stacks.
- Accessing the chest from the outside of a house should no longer be possible.
- It should no longer be possible to open a locked palisade gate from the outside.
- Houses that have had their owner changed should now have a properly functioning guild stone.
- Houses should have less issues when being rollbacked.
- Houses will now receive the correct amount of HP when upgraded to a new tier.
- Player Vendors no longer take items in your bank as payment.
- Player Vendors no longer spawn inside the floor of the house.
- Fixed a bug where the money from a Player Vendor transaction did not end up in the house owner's chest.

- Fixed a bug where AoE spells with self target properties would still check if the target was in range and if it was alive.
- Fixed a bug with AoE spells that made them hit dead players.
- Fixed a bug with AoE spells that made them cost no reagents.
- Fixed a bug where AoE spells didn't grant skill gains.
- Fixed a bug where initiating a spell cast while resting wouldn't stun you during the "getting up" animation.
- Fixed a bug where magic damage wouldn't cancel the logout timer on the target.
- Fixed a bug where blocking while casting magic could lessen your damage taken.
- Fixed a bug where magic reflection would make the caster immune to spells until logout.

Skills & Attributes:
- You can no longer gain experience using spear stance on NPCs.
- Hitting a Guild Member with Spear stance will no longer flag you gray.
- Spear Stance will no longer trigger from the sides or behind the player using it.
- Fixed a bug that prevented gaining skill levels above 80 in Ecumenical Spells.

- Items will no longer be added on top of each other when trying to stack items.
- Fixed a typo in the logout-message.
- Mount-bags will now close if you move to far away.
- Fixed issues caused by the UI closing itself when moving too far away from a vendor.
- Fixed up several low-res UI elements.
- Fixed a bug where new chat messages would get out of sync if they contained too many wide characters.
- Fixed the chat wrapping bug.
- Fixed an typo in the extraction process where it said refining instead of extracting.
- Fixed the run-and-extract bug.
- Loyalty on Mounts should now update correctly.
- Fixed a small bug in the guild member GUI.
- Placing a deployable item will no longer consume the entire stack.

------ KNOWN ISSUES ------
- Currently there as a bug that cause client-crashes if you open vendor-GUI several times in a row.

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------ FEATURES ------
The Fishing system is now added.

------ ADDITIONS & CHANGES ------

- Boosted the amount of damage a Hail Caster does vs humanoid targets, by a lot.
- Severely increased the amount of melee traces each hit does, thus making it more exact with faster weapons.

AI & Mounts:
- You now need a bandage to bandage your pet rather then doing it with air.
- Rare mongrel horse will now spawn statistically once every other day.
- Rare mongrel horse wandered off to a different region.
- Every molva beast spawner will now spawn statistically once every day.
- Steppe horse speed adjusted.

Art & Sound:
- The jungle close to the Meduli plains has got some more environmental touches.
- Several Trees trough out Myrland has been replaced whit a new mesh.
- Those replaced include:
-- Oaktrees (Graywood)
-- Honey Trees (Spongewood)
-- Apple Trees (Graywood)
-- Birch Trees (Dapplewood)
- Added a squishy sound effect when stepping on static carcasses in Myrland.
- Added new ambiance in the Canteri region.
- Added sounds for basic fishing.
- Environmental change south west of Vadda.
- Environmental change by the broken bridge south of Meduli.

- Stamina costs reduced for maces, axes and poleaxes.
- Blunt damage increased for maces, axes and poleaxes.
- Thrusting damage reduced for mercy dagger heads (Temporary fix to reduce the poke-stick syndrome).
- Pushing an archer will cancel the archers charge.

- All magic is now aim based. This is the first step to the magic aiming system overhaul. If you don't aim correctly at a target, the spell will fizzle. You don't need to have a target targeted in the UI (top right corner), the spell will fire as long as you aim it right. In short: If what you wish to hit with a spell is not within the +, its not going to hit.

Skills & Attributes:
- Changed the resistance formulas for magic. Psyche now plays a much larger role in diminishing magic damage.
- Increased the effect of blocking-endurance from 10% to 70%. 70% means you get 70% less stamina drain when blocking.
- You can now hold shift while swimming to swim faster.
- Crawling now influences how much faster you swim while holding shift.
- Swimming now influences how much faster you swim while holding shift.

- When trying to log in with a banned account, you will now receive a message that your account is banned.
- When you are trying to login right after a disconnect you will now receive a message that your session is still active.

- Starting the old "Mortal Beta Launcher.exe" in the version installed by the Mortal Online CD will now automatically patch up till the current version.

------ BUG FIXES ------

- Removing the arrows on bows should now correctly work again.
- Fixed some issues with Nitre.
- Dragging items from inventory to a equip slot will no longer crash the client.
- Possible fix for getting NEW duplicate skills in your skill tree.

AI & Mounts:
- Possible fix for saving spawner data has been implemented.
- Bug has been resolved where tamed creatures did not move very far in battle after a graze command being issued to it.

Art & Sound:
- Moved misplaced player bridge near the MK road.
- Removed several floating rocks.
- Moved misplaced crafting benches in Kranesh.
- Fixed the gap in the stairs on the Morin Khur Temple.
- Removed faulty rocks near Bakti.
- The old honey trees where wrongfully tagged as brownwood instead of spongewood, this is now fixed so all honey trees should now give sponge wood as intended.
- Fixed a bug around Morin Khur spider cave that made clients crash.
- Fixed faulty physical material on broken bridge south of Meduli.
- Campodon can't get stuck in Bakti stable anymore.
- Fixed the “arrow stuck in bow when on back bug”.

- Arms will no longer be drawn back when you block and move into things.

- Siege weapons will now die quietly and without messing with the server stability.
- Fixed a bug where deleted guilded chars would remain in the guild member list.
- Fixed a bug where more than one guild could choose the same acronym.
- Fixed a bug where a players current showing guild acronym wouldn't change when the guild leader changed the acronym.

- Chests are once again safer from people trying to access them from outside.
- Fixed a bug that allowed locked keep doors to be opened from the outside.

- Resurrection will now be correctly canceled if you move.
- Fixed a bug where accepting a resurrect while alive would cause you to get checked for stat loss and get your HP set to 20%.

Skills & Attributes:
- Swimming and diving now correctly influence your characters ability to hold his/her breath.
- Fixed issues with aggressive stance that gave it the double bonus compared to what it should.
- Fixed issues with aggressive stance that gave it bonus to ALL kinds of damage, even mounted and ranged.
- Fixed a bug with portable devices and Extraction.

- You now correctly get the "decreased to" when you decrease in a skill.
- The Player vendor UI will now close when moving away from the vendor.
- The house chest UI will no longer become transparent when opening another UI.
- The house chest UI will now display the correct Icons for weapons and armors.
- The house vendor UI will now display the correct Icons for weapons and armors.
- The world constructible UI will now display the correct Icons for weapons and armors.
- The Stealing UI will now display the correct Icons for weapons and armors.
- The loot UI will now display the correct Icons for weapons and armors.
- You can no longer access a guild stone when you are dead.
- Fixed creating recipe without a name bug.
- Fixed so that recipes you don't give a name get a better name.
- Fixed typo in the Bow-Creation scene.
- Fixed typo in the Weapon-Creation scene.
- Fixed typo in the Shield-Creation scene.
- Fixed typo in the Armor-Creation scene.

------ KNOWN ISSUES ------
We are working on the Skill gain issues / Skill rollback issues.

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Patch Notes - Version

------ FEATURES ------

- Improved Animation system. Currently only implemented in Resting.

- Patches are now bundled. Both download and installation times improved.

- New cluster system that will both increase server capacity and node calculations for each player. This should improve repsonse on all actions and allow for more players to be more accurate in crowded areas. This will go live Thursday 28th ~90 am GMT+2 so we can monitor the server. It is simple a server-side option so there is no downloadable patch for it.

------ ADDITIONS & CHANGES ------


- Rebuilt the system for animation feedback when hitting NPCs.

- When loggin in you should now recive a correct message if the Server is offline or disabled.

- You can now no longer keep buying book before you close the message you get when buying.

- Increased interpolation time of players for a smoother movement.

- Using max movement speed to calc when to distance sync clients that have gotten stuck or behind.

- Stun-timer for using items is now removed and replaced with a silent timer. Meaning you no longer get a full-stun when using items.

- You can now correctly build handle-only weapons again (staffs without a blade).

- Massive-LOD optimization of the north-eastern area (Fabernum, Meduli, etc.).

- Priest-beacons are no longer visible all at once but in your general area.

- Creatures should now be able to roam around and follow player better due to navmesh fixes and better usage of line tracing when moving.

- Updated server configurations to make the server send more updates to the clients for better sync.

AI & Mounts:

- The hitpoints of Molva Beasts have been lowered.

- Creatures following in battle has been tweaked and should now work better.

- Bandage and Feeding of pets will now be aborted when mounting them.

Art & Sound:

- Updated one handed sword animations.

- Updated the standard Idle animation.

- Updated wood cutting animation.

- Added generic hurt animation for NPC's.

- Terrains cast self-shadow.

- Near shadows looks sharper.

- Skydome texture changed similar to the beta version.

- More interactive bushes added.


- You can no longer charge a strike and trigger a combatmove while holding the charge.

- Getting hit by magic will now ALWAYS cancel spells the target is channeling.

- Rasied the damage on melee-dmg. (went live on Monday 25th).

- Added a new momentum calculation on the server for knockdown.

Housing & Guilds:

- You can no longer access a house chest that has been locked after the chest UI was opened.

------ BUG FIXES ------


- When buying multiple weapons from a vendor, you will now recive the correct amount.

- Looting should now stack items in a more correct way.

- Fixed some books in the library that where tagged with "Group" as category.

- Made several improvements trying to get rid of the "invis-players" some people have experienced.

- All Black wood trees are working again.

- "Common" furnaces are working again. Player furnaces in houses are still disabled at the moment.

- Missing librarians in Gaul Khor and Kranesh are back.

- Missing Tutors are back.

- Spiritist books are back.

- All tefra stones are minable again.

- Fixed an error that made vis/core materials on handles calc their weight wrong.

AI & Mounts:

- Pet follow has been tweaked to make it follow its master smoother.

- Resolved a bug which hindrered creatures to move due to no ground found.

- Resolved an issue where players with no CreatureControl skill could not feed their pet at all.

- Resolved an issue when mounting a pet where a message was sent that the pet has gone wild.

- Fixed the mount/transfer dupe.

Art & Sound:

- Fixed so that the face of a corpse hit by a blunt weapon will change into a deformed face instead of removing the head (the art for the deformed head will be changed at a later state).

- Pickables should no longer float slightly above the ground; they should now be placed solidly on the ground.


- Mercymode swings should now correctly reflect what type of weapon you are holding.

- Fixed so that corpse only get their head removed when hit by slashing weapons.

- Siege weapons now correctly take a part of the ammo rather then the whole item when loaded.

- Fixed a bug that made stamina-drain after using a bow act incorrectly.

- Fixed an error where OH-swing wouldn't calculate correctly.

Housing & Guilds:

- UI for palisade will now correctly close when moving away.

- Fixed a bug where Keeps did not know what territory they were owning.

- Some houses that were only viewable from a distance no longer become invisible when getting close.

- Fixed a bug where your own stable would charge you if you were in a guild not connected to that house.

Skills & Attributes:

- Swimming and crawling should now correctly give you a 100% boost to swimspeed when both are at level 100.

- Holding sprint while swimming should now work as intended.

- Fixed a bug that made concentration less effective than it should be.

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Patch wejdzie w życie jutro tj.16.11. Dzisiaj narazie mamy patchnotes.

Patch Notes - Version
2010-11-15 (Planned to go live tomorrow 16th of November)

This is a rather small but important client update with overall performance updates and a few other goodies.

Notice: We can't stress this enough. When the launcher is running the patch installer, let it run its course. It will take some time to apply the patch and it might seem like the installer is doing nothing, but it is working. If you reboot or kill the patcher process you run the risk of corrupting you installation, forcing you to do a full reinstall.

Notice of DirectX update:
Make sure you are running the latest version DirectX to avoid issues.



- Fledgling flag added (yellow) for new created characters. All new created characters will get a yellow flag which protects them from any player made damage or any theft. This flag will stay on the new character for 4 in game hours, after that it becomes blue. A fledgling player will still follow the flagging rules and become grey if they do any illegal actions as long as they engage in any criminal action. This is a good way for new players to get into the game during the first 4 hours.
- You can now set FOV in the launcher
- Combat moves are now also driven using the new animation-system, this should fix missing animations and reduced the cost on the server.
- The Tindrem Arena is now accessible in the game. The gates will only be opened by GMs or whenever a fighting event is going to happened. Inside the arena everyone will count as “grey”, reds won’t get stat loss when being resurrected inside the arena from the special priests. There will be more functions added into the arena later on. More information on when the arena is accessible will be posted on the forums.
- Tweaked the turn-animations node, it can now player a 10deg 45deg 90deg and 180deg animation based on how much the player rotates. This is ONLY used out of combat mode.
- Selected characters will now play a animation when they are selected in the selection-screen.
- Added command /version that will print the current version of the Mortal Online server that you replaying on to your chat log.
- Further tweak on server node performance and overall latency.

AI & Mounts:

- General navmesh tweaking for better AI navigation.
- Creatures should now hold better distances to their targets in battle.
- General distance calculations in the world done by AI should now be more accurate
- It should now not be possible to try to stable a pet which is on a different node than the tamer trying to stable it.
- Creatures will now react better to attacks from ranged and unseen targets.
- The persistent spawner (which spawns the greater Kimuru) has been revised and should now function reliably.


- Short bow fire rate decreased.

------ BUG FIXES ------


- Attribute points will be re-calculated when players login to fix the "missing" attribute points some experience.
- Fixed an issue with mounted charge where it wouldn't give you the correct amount of extra damage when you hit someone with melee while riding.
- Fixed several crashes on the server.
- Fixed several issues with blending animations.
- Fixed issues with some NPC-animations.
- Pickable spawners will no longer be able to spawn pickables outside of their native zones.
- Added turning animations for players
- Fixed skinning issue on wrists seen on the woodcutting animation

AI & Mounts:

- Resolved issue where mount pets sometimes wasn’t recreated after server reboot.
- Resolved an issue where stabled pets could not be retrieved
- Resolved an issue where it was possible to retrieve a pet from stable if current pet was on a different node than the tamer.
- Rare spawners that are configured to guarantee a spawn after a certain time has exceeded, should now actually do a spawn when that time has exceeded.
- When riding on a mount, small creatures will now try to get out of your way; larger creatures will not.

Art & Sound:

- Fixed many places where you could get stuck.

Housing & Guilds:

- Houses will now receive a minimum tax of 5s each day even if the keep controlling its territory has set the Tax for that region to 0.


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Patch Notes - Version

Preparing the content patch:

Notice: We can't stress this enough. When the launcher is running the patch installer, let it run its course. It will take some time to apply the patch and it might seem like the installer is doing nothing, but it is working. If you reboot or kill the patcher process you run the risk of corrupting you installation, forcing you to do a full reinstall.

Notice of DirectX update:
Make sure you are running the latest version DirectX to avoid issues.


- Player prediction movement and movement latency improved. (Should improve overall performance in large scale battles)
- Fabernum guard zone slightly increased.
- New player experience npc’s added in all starting locations.
- Added a compass that can be accessed by pressing 'C'.
- New NPC “task/lore”system added.
- New pickables spread out in Nave.

AI & Mounts:
- Major changes have been made to creature movement. Creatures should now be much less likely to lose sync with the server.
- Creatures in dungeons and caves should move a lot better and more consistently.
- Creatures that perform ranged attacks now also do a line of sight test. They will only deal damage when they have a line of sight to their target.
- It is now possible to set a custom graze radius when issuing the pet command graze.
Radius can be set from 5 to 30 meters. Default if no radius is set is 7.5 meters.
Example: "graze 15" will set the pet to graze in the current area with 15 meters in radius.
The higher the graze areas for pets are, the better their loyalty is kept.

Art & Sound:
- Added new unarmed animations for female.
- Added uppercut animation for unarmed thrust.
- Mirrored unarmed animations to be right handed.
- Added sitting animations.
- Added new animal animations.
- Added new animal ragdolls.
- New NPCs added to the starting locations that will be telling stories / giving hints to players.
- Chairs added around the world. More will be added

------ BUG FIXES ------

- Fixed a bug where world constructables (Bridges, Palisades etc.) would not be properly saved.

-Possible fix on hearbeat death.

AI & Mounts:
- Resolved a bug where aggressive pets were able to discover and attack hidden criminals.
- Resolved a bug where aggressive pets stopped attacking targets in mercymode even after leaving mercy mode.
-Resolved a bug that when targets of pet protecting died, the pet would cancel the protect and stop attacking.
- Resolved an issue where pet protect printed out wrong targets name when set to protect.
- Resolved a bug when players un-mounting, their mount always had their loyalty set to 1000.

Art & Sound:
-The spawners in the spider cave at the farm have been tweaked. Spiders should no longer spawn below the cave floor.

Housing & Guilds:
- Owners losing their houses will now be properly removed as a house owner.
- Destroyed houses will now decay after a server reboot and not just sit there.


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Całkiem pokaźna lista zmian.
Najważniejsze to wprowadzenie skinningu, butchery, poprawki w animacjach, całkowicie przerobione "górnictwo" (extraction) i chatlog we flashu. Do tego jeszcze wprowadzono klimatyczne tawerniane gry w kości, karty, czyli jednym słowem szeroko pojęty hazard.
To i jeszcze więcej w linku below:

Patch urodzi się dzisiaj (planowo). Zapewne w godzinach wieczornych.



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Notice of DirectX update:
Make sure you are running the latest version DirectX to avoid issues.

After many days of hard work, we are approaching the release of the long awaited expansion, Dawn.
Dawn is a large expansion which brings a lot of updates in most areas of the game. The note below won’t cover all changes but it will show the main areas.

We have a new patching system that will give a faster installation time and improved stability on the download/patching process.

This note may not be final.



- House friend system.
Each house owner will have the option to add friends to his house. This friend will not be trespassing inside of the house anymore when accepted by the house owner. They will also be able to sleep and log out safely in the house. This system also adds better security of our player houses. If the doors are closed and locked, no other player will be able to enter the house. A player who sneaked in the house will not be able to log out inside of the house.

- Task/transport system.
The task system is a new system that allows the players to accept tasks from other players for a reward, or add their own tasks for other players. This is a good way for any players to accept a transport task to start making some money in the game. This system will be expanded to allow for new and different task types in the near future.

- Gene system.
The Gene system is a very complex feature in Dawn and is applied to all horses of Nave with the initial launch. All creatures will eventually be within the gene system. The Gene system in short is based on real-life breeding; the animal breeds within their group and passes on the attributes from their parents. After Dawn, breeding will be enabled for the players so that they can create their own unique mount types by breeding different attributes/looks and features to build a breed which fits their play-style.

- Dynamic Mounts
The mounts have been fully rewritten in Dawn to make them dynamic and a creature of their own in the game.
Each mount has unique stats and appearance that their parents pass on to their young ones. At some rare times a mutation may occur within a flock which gives a very different attribute/appearance to the animal.
Each horse has different levels on their intelligence, dexterity, strength, constitution and speed that determines many different things in their behaviors. For instance if they are not too smart they can only remember a few actions from their owner at the time, making them somewhat hard to control effectively. A smarter animal can react and understand its actions faster and more efficiently. They also react to the environment and other players/creatures; if they get scared they will show an expression in a few different ways to indicate that they do not like the situation or the threat nearby. It can even rear (stand on two legs), making the owner to lose control for a short moment. In some cases it is important to have the right gear on your mount. For instance, eye pads to make it blind on the sides, armor to protect it from damage, or different bag sizes to carry items so long as your mount is strong enough. All mounts have their own “mount gear window” that allows you to fit any type of gear on it, which you also can remove just like it was your player character window. When the mount dies it drops the gear on the ground as well.

- Mail system.
The new mail system allows players to send a package to any player; the sender may also request a payment for it. Each package charges a “postal” service fee for the players. This helps players to send/trade things between each and other without having to be online at the same time.

- Alchemy & Cooking
With Dawn we are implementing a new and complex system called cooking. This is tied to many different areas in the game. Each player has a hunger system, which means that you have to monitor your hunger values to be at an optimized form. If you eat very poor and little food you will lose weight, which will alter your attributes in different ways. It’s up to any player to determine if it’s a bad or good effect on his character. There are many different levels of body shape that gives different attribute bonuses or negatives.

- Graveyards
- Item tooltips improved
- New potion and food system
- Cooking & hunger system
- Reserve system
- Fatness & body health/condition system, which allows you to tweak your stats a bit depending on your current body condition.
- Size attribute is now changeable.
- Nearly everything in the world is now interactive.
- Updated interface for Extraction and Refining.
- New action sleep recovers current stat fatigue.
- New light and sun.
- Many new locations to explore, both peaceful and dangerous.
- Many new skills added.
- New house types.
- Guild system rebuilt.
- Forgive system (place manual MC on players in the assault list).
- One time murder count reset for all players.
- All new characters start with at least 25 in each stat. Changed from the previous 10.
- Player and guild storage added to construction.
- You will now turn and point at a target on which you call guards.
- Calling guards has changed: you will now have to target the person you want to call guards on before calling them., instead of simply shouting “guards” and having them kill a random criminal.
- Added the following commands to the chat-window "quick list"
- Adjusted slopes, making it a bit easier to navigate in the wilderness.
- New resources added.
- Rebuilt a minor part of the buoyancy calculation for players.
- You no longer get a hit-indicator when being pushed.
- Portables are now local-grey flagged meaning guards won't kill them but players can without being grey-flagged.
- New player guild access for all fledlings.
- Tutorial popups for new players.

Art & Sound:

- An effect will now be played when you leave the etherworld.
- A sound will now be played when you leave the etherworld.
- The login scene and character creation scene have been updated.
- Fixed an issue that made dying npc/creatures change their texture.
- Removed the tattoo color in character-creation for now.
- Rebuilt the key-config scene to avoid eye damage.
- Fixed an issue that messed up the color of peoples’ hair.
- Fixed an issue where hiding your UI, while having the profile-window open, still showed the paper doll.
- New sound effects in the world
- Performance optimization and improved visuals
- Loading screen has been updated. Tips are now shown while loading.


- New action window added in skills.
- Using snoop no longer instantly turns you into a hidden criminal.
If you have a player targeted by using tab, and that player uses the snoop-skill, he/she will turn hidden criminal.
- Changed so players can carry a few more items without losing speed.

AI & Mounts:

- Mount system entirely rebuilt with new gene system.
- Fixed the position of chat-bubbles.
- All Molva beasts will be transformed into 3 different molva figurines until they have been fitted into the gene system
- New mount gear has been added.
- Different resource types on armor parts for mounts.


- Archery rebuilt. The crosshair for archery is now removed and replaced with a "shaky hand".
- Mounted combat rebuilt.
- You can no longer dodge while walking slowly (holding ctrl).
- Dexterity now slightly affects your chance to get a weak-spot hit using bows.
- You can now choose to swap the function of holding alt, making it easier for spear-users and ego mages to use the combat system.
- Unarmed blocking rebalanced, taking more damage when blocking vs weapons

------ BUG FIXES ------


- Fixed stacking issue in the bank.
- Fixed animation issues with the following systems:
-Ranged archery
-Melee Combat
-Mercy modes
-Building houses

- Keys can no longer be used when banked and put in the hotbar.
- Trade and stolen items have been updated,.
- You can no longer use pots that are in your bank.
- You can no longer use bandages that are in your bank.
- You can no longer use bandages on pets when the bandage is in your bank.
- Fixed a crash when opening the paperdoll
- Restricted emotes to avoid "sneaky-stealing" by triggering a emote while playing the steal animations.
- Fixed a lot of different typos.
- Fixed yellow flag status to go grey when looting blue loot or trespassing.


- You will now gain XP in damage assessment when you use it.
- Fixed a bug with the displayed remaining read time.


- Fixed overhead swing with two-handed axes.
- You can no longer "save" a swing by holding block.
- Fixed a crash when you equipped a bow while mounted.


- Fixed server-sided part of magic's out-of-range.

AI & Mounts:

- Fixed typo in steintroll attack message.
- Sliding around while taming is fixed.
- Made some minor changes to the fishing thug anim-code.
- Fixed minor issues with mount-corpses.

Housing & Guilds:

- Fix for entering houses after being dead.

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