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zam builder uwzglednia juz najnowsze patchnotes (nerf rifta championa itd)



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Cytuj ... acro-Guide

Spis makr, komend.

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stronki na wzór wowhead, na razie under construction.

EvE Online - Highlander Northcourt.


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Wrzucilem juz to w innym temacie, zanim sie zorientowalem. Tamten post mozna zanihilowac.

Mapa, dungeony, zony i odpowiednie LVL: ... Ranges.jpg

Kolejna Wiki:

PVP Gear lista: ... tion-gear/

BF3: hungrymumin

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movie guides
od biedy można obejrzeć, gdy nie ma się dostępu do gry lub czekamy w kolejce. No i pozwala się zapoznać trochę z soulami poszczególnych klas.

EvE Online - Highlander Northcourt.

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Hotfix #2: 2/28/11 7:40pm PST

* Ancient Wardstone area quests now automatically shut down one hour after completion or failure. You will need to use your Ascended Power to reactivate the wardstone.
* Fixed a bug with last login time not saving correctly for guild members. The existing display will be updated the next time a guild member logs in.

* Forces of the Plane of Death: Changed to require sealing of any Death Rift in Freemarch for updates.
* The Means of the Endless: Drop rate of the Attunement Shard increased to 100% from the Endless Nightbringer.
* Follow That Gnar: The Gnar should be easier to follow, and not disappear from the path.


* A Hymn of Frost and Flame: Enkarus Scourge mobs spawned during this quest no longer give experience or loot.

* Past is Prologue: Quest can now be completed normally by all Guardian players.

* There is now a shorter AFK timer for Warfronts, and players exceeding it will be immediately kicked out.
* The Black Garden: Holding the Fang while on the 'ledge' of your respective faction starting area will award fewer points.
* The Codex: Players should no longer be able to get into the Vault through clever jumping.

* Reporting spam will now also automatically ignore the the sender.


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tu mozna sprawdzic jaka jest aktualnie kolejka na serverze

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Hi all!

The first major scheduled game update for Rift is going out tomorrow!

North America region servers will be offline at 8:00am PST on 3/10/11 for the update. Estimated downtime is ** 40 minutes **.

Europe region servers will be offline at 2:00 GMT on 11/3/11 and will have an estimated downtime of ** 60 minutes ** for some additional back-end maintenance.

Patch notes for this update will be posted on the Rift patcher and the Patch Notes subforum here.

I'll be here tomorrow morning with the latest!

Hey, everyone.

As you’ve probably noticed -- We launched! Last week was four retail launches in four different territories. By and large, everything went extremely well. Nothing exploded, and we’re rapidly adjusting to the pace of being a live game.

Now that we’ve all collectively survived the process of taking a game from Beta to Live, it’s time to resume focusing on what’s coming up in the future.

In the next day, you’re going to see our first real update. (8AM PST Thursday for the NA servers, 2AM UTC Friday for the EU servers)

This first update does have some new content, and also includes a rather large collection of tweaks, fixes, and updates that come from a few different sources.

They’ve been picked out of what people have been reporting in game, as well as a number of beta-reported polish items that didn’t make it in time for head start, and also some further refinement and tuning after seeing what happens when people finally get the chance to play characters that’ll be around forever.

Some of the things to expect tomorrow are…

• Raid rifts!

• Improvements to Rift, Invasion, and Foothold experience gains

• See more quests at once in the tracker if you choose

• Better item stack management

• PvE end-game difficulty better suited to the power of real end-game characters

Making sure that we can do an update like this successfully is an important step on the road to doing even larger scale content and systems additions in the not-too-distant future.

Our team will be right here while this first update is going on. We’ll be checking out the servers alongside you, and will be here to respond to any surprise issues that do occur.

We also have a lot more in development than the first look you’ll be seeing tomorrow.

On top of ongoing new content and large feature development, many of which you’ll be hearing about on our site and others, there are some other, smaller improvements we’re working toward – I wanted to call these out specifically since they’re pretty frequently commented on.

• Mages. Yes, we’re both listening to you and paying attention to the post-launch gameplay data on our servers. While a well-played mage does do extremely well, and mages are very well represented in the overall number of active characters, there are issues with competitiveness in some low and mid level ranges and certain combinations of souls, due largely to mages’ overall fragility and cast times.

• Mail Spam. Chat spam protection has been going really well on the whole, which, predictably, pushed spammers into mail. We’ll be putting more protection in place there soon.

• Event Contribution. This system is being reworked to be more in line with the idea of events being massively social occurrences, and the focus on abilities themselves will be going away entirely.

• Anti-Hacker Protection. As a very high priority, we’re working on new and interesting ways to help you make sure your account is protected from password phishing and keyloggers. In the short time since head start, we’ve already banned a couple thousand spammers, hackers, farmers, and thieves. We’ll continue improving our detection and ability to take action on them well into the future.

• Dismount and Exposed. Expect some changes here as well.

Thank you all for your dedication so far – We look forward to this first small update, and a host of even larger ones in the future!

- The RIFT Development Team

Pierwszy duzy patch jutro. :)

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Rift 1.01 - [NA] 3/10/11 8:00am PST


* Experience for appropriately sized groups relative to the difficulty of Rift, Invasion, and Foothold content has been returned to higher amounts as seen previously in Beta.
* Water, Life, Death, and Air Raid Rifts are now available.
* You can now set how many quests to track on-screen at once (up to 10) by changing the setting in the Interface -> Display category.
* Shift-clicking to split stacks of items now works in your bank or bank bags.
* Fixed issues causing player armor to appear the wrong colors after respawning or Soul Walking.

* You can now link locations in chat! Just like other links, shift-right-click your map or minimap while entering chat text. Clicking someone's location link in chat will place a waypoint on your own map.
* You can swim up using the jump key while also in mouselook mode (default: right mouse button to look around).
* Added a custom error if you cannot use a questgiving item.
* Raid groups roaming across the lands to destroy non-Rift/Invasion content will see lowered experience rewards.
* Experience for appropriately sized groups relative to the difficulty of Rift, Invasion, and Foothold content has been returned to higher amounts as seen previously in Beta.
* Cash loot is now auto-split in all group loot modes, including Free-for-All.
* Players are now automatically bound to the Soul Recall point of the first Porticulum Master they speak to.
* Achievement: Seeking Solace: Fixed an issue causing the achievement to grant early and prevent you from looting the other objects.

* Fixed a bug during Major Rifts where low ranking contributors wouldn't get Planarite. All contributors should receive at least some Planarite.
* Reduced the amount of zone event participation required to earn the rare Sourceshards.
* Experience for Rift, Invasion, and Foothold content now scales down from these increased levels when very oversized groups are participating – with the net result being that very large groups should see experience values similar to the amounts granted prior to this update. Smaller groups will see increased experience reward.
* Reduced Notoriety gained from Invasions from 75 to 50 total.
* Increased the bonus health given to Rift NPCs when nearby player population is high. Also added increased damage based on population.
* Added additional fail-safes to ensure Colossi bosses appear at the end of events.

* The Care and Imprisonment of Changelings: Changed to not require you to have claimed the colossi mob. You only need to participate in the kill.
* Links in the pages of the book 'Clever Kehmeh' have been fixed so all seven pages are readable.
* Anthousa Mona and Kaspar Massi have updated character models. Kaspar also has a new voice!
* The necklace rewards for the Epic Cult Saga have had their power increased.

* Quests for Ancient Wardstones are now labeled as such in your quest journal.
* After turning in quests at some Ancient Wardstones, a Rare Planar Goods Merchant might appear so you can purchase sweet gear with the currency you just earned.

* Journeyman has been fixed and will now work as described.

* Abilities and other effects that increase the duration of other effects now do so before that duration calculation is modified by diminishing returns.
* You can no longer cycle between ranged and melee weapons while casting an ability.
* Fixed several maintained buffs that would cause non-offensive polymorphs to break (ex: troll disguise in Stonefield, etc).

* Clerics: Fixed a bug causing some procced heals to consume effects that modify next heal.

* Ashen Defense: Corrected the debuff tooltip to match the ability description.
* Mental Flare: The cooldown reduction provided by Swift Thoughts is now reflected in the ability tooltip.
* Pillaging Stone: Rank 9 and 10 now give the correct buff values when cast.
* Searing Vitality: Damage can now critically hit.
* Consuming Flames: The self-damage portion of this ability will no longer critically hit the caster.
* Burning Purpose: Polymorph, Confuse, Root, and Fear effects will not trigger the damage proc.

* Expose Weakness: Fixed a bug so that the charges of this ability are only consumed by physical damage effects. Also fixed so it correctly adds extra damage.
* Poison Malice: Removed from global cooldown. Now costs 25 Energy to activate.

* Deafening Music: This ability now updates the tooltip damage numbers for Coda of Fury and Coda of Wrath.
* Coda of Cowardice: Debuff should now be in the same stacking group as the Archon's Ashen Defense and the Shaman's Vengeance of the Piercing Cold.
* Using Verse of Fascination or Verse of Captivation now turns off auto-attack, since these effects break on damage.

* Backhanded Blow: Now gives an Attack Point and triggers the global cooldown.

* Dancing Steel: Fixed so that it includes immunity to knockback when active.
* Blade Tempo, Blade and Soul Parity, Dualism, Double Coup: Removed from global cooldown. These now cost 25 Energy to activate.

* Nebulous Haze: Now only increases cast time by the 20% shown in the tooltip.

* Entropic Veil: Will no longer be overwritten by less effective buffs.
* Nature’s Touch: Rank 2 now gives 22 Charge when cast.
* Essence Surge: Reduced aggro generated by this ability.

* Instant-cast spells no longer consume Quick Thinking proc effects.
* Improved Mana Wrench: Now correctly affects the energy drain of Mana Wrench rank 4.
* Transmogrify will no longer land on the Dominator if it is reflected.

* Satyr: Reduced size of the model; it's now approximate in size to a Bahmi.
* Faerie’s Favor: Now limited to one stack per caster, instead of one stack total.

* Icy Carapace: Fixed an issue with the ability description and debuff tooltip. They now correctly show damage values. This is also correctly modified by all effects that apply to Water damage.

* Fixed a number of ability tooltip issues.

* Soul Drain: No longer applies Clinging Spirit without the caster having spent any points on that ability. Changed tooltip to better indicate that this is a player-based area of effect ability.
* Bolt of Judgment: Fixed the Spell Power contribution on ranks 1-9.
* Clinging Spirit: Fixed the tooltip to reflect that this only increases magical damage taken.
* Life and Death Concord: Description now properly indicates that the effect may not occur again for 6 seconds, rather than 8.

* Righteous Mandate: No longer blocks itself from being recast on the same target.
* Doctrine of Loyalty: Rank 5 now properly removes a Conviction.

* Hit and Run, Controlled Fire, Close Quarters Combat, and Fire and Forget: Removed from global cooldown. Now cost 25 Energy to activate.
* Quick Reload: Removed from global cooldown.
* Retreat: Should now put you 20 meters back from your current location at use.
* Lightning Fury: Fixed a tooltip error so it properly indicates that this reduces armor by a fixed value, instead of a percentage. Tooltip also now updates when spending points in Collateral Damage.
* Fan Out: Tooltip now updates when you add points into Collateral Damage.
* On the Double, Gateway: The additional effect making you immune to Snares and Roots (when you've purchased Gateway) is now displayed on On the Double.

* Skeletal Zealot: Fixed ranks 1, 2, 4, and 5 to properly respawn if it was alive when the owner died in a Warfront.
* Lich Form: Fixed a tooltip issue.

* Fell Blades: Healing debuff should now be in the same stacking group as the Druid's Spiteful Spirit.
* Ebon Fury: Taken off of global cooldown. Now costs 25 energy to activate.
* Scourge of Darkness: Can no longer miss, be parried, dodged, or blocked.

* Balance of Power, Tip the Balance: Fixed an issue where these were being additionally affected by Attack Power, making the heal amount greater than it should have been.
* Paladin’s Reprisal: Now has icons that match between the ability and the Soul Tree.
* Aegis of Salvation: Now stacks correctly with other Endurance buffs.

* Searing Transfusion: Will no longer consume effects that don't actually modify it, such as Flashover, Enflamed Rejuvenation, or Greater Empowerment.
* Life of the Era: Fixed the tooltip to clear up confusion with the radius appearing to be the buff value.
* Fiery Blessing: No longer triggers the global cooldown, as the tooltip already claimed it did.

* Heat Wave, Internalize Charge: Will no longer be overwritten by less effective buffs.
* Withering Flames: Increased damage.
* Wildfire: Procs now appear in the reactive abilities UI.
* Backdraft: Rank 1 tooltip now lists the correct damage values.

* Fleeting Instinct: Fixed so that it doesn't cause stealth to break when active.
* Master Huntsman: Fixed a spelling error in ability description.
* Track Beasts, Track Humanoids: Updated the tooltips to indicate that only one tracking ability can be active at a time.
* Prey on the Weak: Fixed a tooltip bug.

* Crest of the Abyss: Now properly applies its armor buff.

* Boosted Recovery: The incoming healing bonus has been reduced to 2-6%, down from 10-30%, to be in line with the Warlord ability Figurehead.
* Ruthless Stalker, Rift Barrier, Freedom of Movement, Hasted Time: No longer causes Stealth to break when using Shadow Shift, Shadow Stalk, Shadow Warp, and Flashback.
* Stalker Phase: No longer causes Stealth to break when using Shadow Stalk.
* Track Air Rifts: Updated the tooltip to indicate that only one tracking ability can be active at a time.
* Fixed a bug allowing Riftstalker teleports to cause them to occasionally fall through the world.

* Carpet Bombing: Taken off of global cooldown. Now costs 25 Energy to activate.
* Annihilation Bomb: Should now deal damage if the enemy is immune to stuns instead of failing both damage and stun components.
* Track Constructs: Updated the tooltip to indicate that only one tracking ability can be active at a time.

* Frozen Earth: No longer stacks with other snares.
* Courage of the Bear: Fixed the tooltip to include restriction of only maintaining one Courage at a time.
* Bitter Wind: Tooltip now explains that this ability does not trigger a global cooldown.
* Lightning Hammer: Fixed Rank 7's tooltip.
* Endless Winter: Will now show the icon with Show Ability Icons option enabled.
* Brutalize: Updated the icon to actually look like a bleed effect instead of using the same icon as Massive Blow.

* Arctic Blast: Now has a 20 second cooldown.
* Improved Electrocute: Now properly affects the cooldown of Electrocute.

* Echoes of Ascension: Now also restores 20% mana.
* Blessing of the Stone, Creeping Remedy, Little Off the Top: All of these will now correctly appear with Show Ability Icons setting enabled.

* Discharge: To better fit with desired usage, Discharge has a few new changes. Cooldown has been changed to 8 seconds. Damage reduced to come in line with other large-hit abilities. The Damage effect is now increased by Attack Power, to scale better with characters and gear.
* Singularity: Tooltip now displays the correct durations for each Attack Point.
* Rift Summon: Fixed tooltip.
* Quality Care: Clarified the tooltip on this ability to help explain it better.

* Healing Cataract: Fixed a bug causing the mana cost to be calculated as a single-target heal rather than a raid heal.
* Crushing Wave: Range reduced to 20 meters.
* Overflow: Now with more actual heals!

* Reconstruct: Reduced aggro generation of this ability.

* Intercept: Can now be used on allies that are behind the Warlord.
* Aspect of the Elements: Power cost changed to match with other Aspects.
* Empowering Strike: Threat generation has been increased to match Leader's Mark.


* The Stray One: Podovaxus should now properly give quest credit.
* Podoxavus is no longer quite so spammy on death.
* Tampering With the Well: Fixed an issue causing this quest to not update correctly.
* Splitmouth Shamans have changed to Splitmouth Elementalists and regained their casting class, including more pew pew!

* There is a new porticulum at Knight's Stand to make travel around Freemarch easier. We also added a path from one side of Smith's Haven to the other.
* Washed Away: Reduced Mayor Jerrin's respawn time.
* I Heard a Storm Was Coming: Reduced the Fathomlord's respawn time.
* No Mercy for the Merciless: Reduced Iriri the Merciless' respawn time.
* Burning Down the Hill: Increased the number of tents that can be set on fire, and decreased the respawn of kerosene urns. Decreased general frustration level by 80%.
*The Living and The Dead: Fixed an issue that could cause innocent bystanders to be teleported to Scarlet Gorge during this quest.
* A Rift location close to Meridian that spawned NPCs inside of rocks should no longer do so.

* Fixed a missing quest - Protector of Your Weak - in the Guardian quest flow.
* Dagda Skullthumper, the Redsnow bandit, should no longer return to life instantly when slain.

* Removed the obsolete reagent vendor. These were not the items you were looking for.

* Hammerlord Post has more generally 'interesting' things going on in it.
* Polish to loot tables for Rift events.

* The Living and the Dead: Now with voiceover!
* A Failure of Leadership: Fixed an issue that caused this quest to take a long time to reset.

* In the Blighted Pit, characters with pets should no longer aggro Gnarlbone while he is still behind his energy field.
* Crushing Chitin: Total amount of Bloodsilk Mageweavers has been increased, which should make this quest less frustrating.
* Friend to Nature: Tamed Beast no longer auto-flags Defiants for PvP when they defend themselves.
* Rift - Eaters of the Dead: The Sable Broodmother should now be killable.

* The Uncovered Grave that can occasionally be found in Treant's Grove is now home to some Undead who don't particularly like their crypt being disturbed.
* Rift: Gedlo Supply Drop should be dropping more fun now!

* Death faction NPCs are now friendly with their buddies, the Death Rift NPCs.
* The Stillmoor defenders that shout for help during Zone Events no longer shout all the way to Moonshade Highlands.

* Fatal Distraction: Using the control collar now increments that quest objective for the entire party.
* Bad for Business: Quest now allows more types of trolls to count toward the objectives.
* Rift - Deepstrike Summons: Skarn in this Rift event no longer have extra health and damage boosts.

* Fixed an issue where Expert Dungeons and Raid lockouts would sometimes reset a day later than intended.
* Water, Life, Death, and Air Raid Rifts are now available.
* Made the failure messages for Raid Rift lures more consistent with why the lure failed.
* Fixed Raid readycheck behavior. Indicators will now clear properly when leaving a group. Failing a readycheck now has a sound effect.
* Fixed a bug with parties disbanding and reforming inside an instance not being properly joined to that instance.
* Expert: Abyssal Precipice and King’s Breach bosses now drop the correct type of Rift lure components.

* Iceclaw Skuttler's Shell Shock no longer crits, and has reduced damage.
* Expert: Kaler Andrenos now has a Frenzy ability.

* Expert: Xaeiel and Sanwusu are no longer required to be killed to gain credit for defeating Gronik.
* Expert: Smouldaron now has a Frenzy ability.

* Standard: Gatekeeper Kaleida’s health reduced.
* Standard: Rotted Dredgers on Overseer Markus’ platform no longer give loot or experience.

Overseer Markus: Fixed a bug where his Frenzy could be cleansed.
Expert: Overseer Markus: Frenzy now stacks.

* Rorf's Infected Wound should now properly remove when the target reaches full health.
* Expert: Flamebringer Druhl’s Molten Instability is no longer cleansable.

* Expert: Queen Vallnara’s hatchlings should no longer despawn after appearing.

* Increased Damage of Duke Letareus, Infiltrator Johlen, Oracle Aleria, and Prince Hylas.
* Increased Health of Johlen, Hylas.
* Enraged bosses now have increased movement speed.
* Increased Damage of Blighted Hexmasters, Blighted Guards, Voracious Bloodletters, Blighted Sentries, and Blightleaf Protectors.
* Increased Health of Blightleaf Shamblers.

Duke Letareus
Decreased the amount of time before Letareus Enrages.

Infiltrator Johlen
* Damage from Furious Wisps and Swarming Wisps now report properly in the combat log.
* Lowered the health of Concussion Bombs.
* Reduced the damage of Swarming Wisps.
* Decreased the amount of time before Johlen Enrages.

Oracle Aleria
* Necrotic Boon now increases run speed.
* Decreased the amount of time before Aleria Enrages.
* Necrotic Eruption can no longer be cast on pets.
* Lowered the health of Invigorating Wisps.
* Invigorating Wisps no longer continue channeling after they are killed.
* Killing one Invigorating Wisp will not disrupt the channel of another Wisp.

Prince Hylas
* Hylas now summons Blightleaf Guards during Invocation of Life after a period of time has passed.
* Hylas’ lieutenants now cast Shared Purpose, an aura effecting Hylas and other lieutenants.
* Soul Fracture: Increased Life damage significantly.
* Contagious Cottontail: The wandering effect range has been reduced.
* Landmine: Warning time slightly increased.

* Standard: Shadowed Fiends and Shadowed Renders no longer respawn indefinitely.
* A number of Iron Tombs quests were rewarding items from the Realm of the Fae item list. These are corrected and these quests now offer unique items.

* Flesheater Autoch’s Wounding Charge now deals less damage.

* Fae Lord Twyl can no longer be reset after being killed.

* A number if item drops in this zone were set to an incorrect level. These have been corrected and items upgraded to match with their new, proper level requirement.
* Eliam the Corrupted: Fixed a bug where Wretched Souls were not casting Wretched Union during this encounter.
* Expert: Atrophinius the Fallen’s Death Rite now has a warning message. It can also be cast during Atrophinius’ Charge state.
* Expert: Atrophinius the Fallen: Reduced the duration of Deathly Draught and Staggering Blitz. Tick values have been adjusted so the net effect is the same.
* Expert: Rictus now has a Frenzy ability.

* Warfronts: Deserters will not be tolerated! If you leave a Warfront before the match has finished you will not be allowed into additional Warfronts for 15 minutes.
* Whitefall Steppes: If you manage to get the other team's Sourcestone into your own starting area, it will return to its spawn point.
* Black Garden: Applied more physics to prevent double-jumping up walls. Darn gravity!
* Port Scion: Increased the power of bosses and mini-bosses in this Warfront. There are also more benefits for defending objects in this map! Ascended Defender buff increases Favor gain by 5% when near certain important objectives or NPCs.
* Rewards from Warfront quests no longer have a required level to use.
* Embrace the End: Quest now rewards The Moribund notoriety, instead of Eldritch Seekers.
* Quests that require winning 5 matches of a given Warfront no longer give multiple updates for each member of the raid who is on the quest.
* Guards will pay more attention to stopping PvP attacks.

* Increased the range of skillups given from refining a tier of hide, ore, and wood. These recipes should award a few more points and stay green longer.
* Expert Dungeons now drop recipes for Apothecary and Runecrafting.
* Parchment and Vellum recipes are once again available from any Artificer Trainer.
* Planar faction merchants now have new Runecrafting recipes. These include Planar resistance runes and, in some cases, unique-flagged Planar runes.
* Crafting Quest: Pure Distillate: Defiants can now complete the second step. Craft on, McCrafty!
* Recipes purchased from Planar faction merchants can no longer be resold for silver.
* The Runecrafting Artisan Store now offers some new Master level recipes. Pure stat runes for weapons and three unique Planar runes have recipes for sale.
* Fixed a number of Artisan Store end-game runes that were applying incorrect enhancements.
* The Apothecary recipes offered by the Arcane Hand, Dragonslayer Covenant, Order of Mathos, and Icewatch have been changed. Heroic Manasurge Vial, Heroic Fortified Vial, and Heroic Enduring Vials have been removed. New recipes for Heroic Warding Potion, Heroic Philter of Power, Sheepish Concoction, and Exalted Bottle of Tricks have been added in their place.
* Removed faction requirement to purchase Runecrafting and Apothecary Artisan recipe scrolls.
* Fixed an issue where the Light Seafoam Dye recipe scroll required 90 skill to use instead of 110, which was the recipe's actual requirement to craft.
* The Favor quartermasters in Meridian and Sanctum now offer Runecrafting recipes for Valorous Runes.
* Fixed an issue where Rugged Fabric was not combining properly into Processed Cloth.
* A large number of Weaponsmith-crafted items were marked as ‘Unique’. Some of these should have been Unique-Equip meaning you can make many of them but only have one equipped at a time. Some should not have been Unique at all. These are now updated so you can craft as many as you’d like!
* Updated Riding Chaps, Insoles, Padding, and Whetstones. All of these temporary items now have a duration of four hours, rather than 5-30 minutes.
* Brilliant Tough Rune and Blazing Tough Rune: Changed from Toughness increase to Dodge and Endurance increase.
* Recipe for Ceremonial Visage now requires Stillmoor-appropriate drops instead of Iron Pine drops.
* Soft Tissue Boots can now be Runebroken.
* Werewolves can now be Butchered.
* Renamed Icebound Tear to Icebound Heart.
* Recipe: Fireworks: Now teaches the intended recipe.
* Removed a Kingswood Log node from Shimmersand that would respawn repeatedly.
* Fixed rare cases where you could be double-charged when learning a new recipe from a trainer.
* All items sold from Vendors can no longer be Salvaged or broken down with Runebreaking.
* Previously, skinnable animals would show red or white text in the skill requirement tooltip. Now it shows appropriate skill level coloration based on your Butchering level.
* Raised the spawn rate of Copper in level 12+ and 15+ areas of Freemarch.
* Added more harvest nodes to Gloamwood, particularly ore. Iron should be more abundant.
* Added more harvest nodes to Stonefield, covering a number of gaps. Like Gloamwood, a specific focus was given to increasing Iron nodes.

* Toughness is now available on four item slots: Shoulders, Chest, Legs, and Feet. Toughness is only available on items at and above level 50. The amount of Toughness per each item has been reduced as a result of this change.
* Fixed a bug causing some items to reset their cooldowns when teleporting or logging out and in.
* Potions that grant Charge now display what they're modifying in the combat log.
* Iron Claw Shooter: Fixed so it boosts Attack Power instead of Spell Power.
* Amphibious Brew: Corrected duration to 8 minutes.
* The PvP reward, Diminishing Helm: This was improperly set as a breastplate. Fixed it to go on your head instead.
* Fixed a bug causing Lesser Scrolls to be unusable until level 5. They can now be used at level 1.
* Reduced effectiveness of Indomitable Runeshards, Thin Planar Lenses, and Reinforced Planar Lenses.
* Book: ‘The Bahmi: A Study’ can now be read.
* Dichrom’s ‘Eternal Breastplate’, which is a helm, has been renamed to Eternal Helm. Not to be confused with Plutonus’ Eternal Breastplate, which is, in fact, chest armor.
* Granite Falls Spaulders now properly sort as Shoulder items in the Auction House.
* Starting equipment can no longer be sold to vendors.

* Fixed issues causing player armor to appear the wrong colors after respawning or Soul Walking.
* Changed overhead PvP Quest icons to be color coded based on faction.
* Added new PvP mouse cursors.
* Fixed missing projectile effect on Flame Spear.
* Improved lighting for more natural-looking character skin.
* Updated sky and ambient lighting scheme for more ‘3D’ feel.
* More ghostly ghosts!
* Updated a bunch of Soul ability sounds.
* Updated visual effects for Marksman soul abilities for a new unified look.
* The 'UI Volume' slider no longer affects non-environmental background noise anymore.
* Additional volume mix tuning for relative loudness/quietness of audio.
* The camera should work better with underwater clipping, making it so you aren't seeing above and below water at the same time.
* Adjusted the swim height of female Dwarves so their heads are above water.

* /leave (channel name) now works! This used to only allow channel numbers.
* Macro tooltips now show all lines of the macro.
* When replying to a tell, you can now hit Tab to cycle through names of people you’ve recently received /tells from.
* The macro system now supports the /suppressmacrofailures command, which will block the "Can only cast one ability per macro" and other messages generated by any commands following the /suppressmacrofailures entry.
* A macro's #show will now work after training up ranks in a #show'n ability.
* Fixed mousebutton 3, 4, and 5 + a keyboard modifier key (SHIFT, ALT, CTRL) not working very well when bound to an action bar.
* Also fixed mousebutton 3, 4, and 5 + Shift not working when replacing an existing keybinding.
* /wink correctly prints the wink emote text, rather than /flirt's.
* Substitution tokens such as %t, %R, etc, now work in /tweets.
* You can now shift-click to split stacks of items in your bank or bank bags.
* Destroying items now works from the character sheet, even if your inventory is full.

* Fixed a bug that would remove the Class Mechanic UI when resetting the UI.
* Class Mechanic UI: Fixed a bug causing the current number of stacks to carry over to new targets that didn’t actually have them.
* Class Mechanic UI: Now displays time remaining for each effect.
* Class Mechanic UI: Fixed a bug that could allow Saboteur charges displayed to increase beyond 5.

* You can now set how many quests to track on-screen at once (up to 10) by changing the setting in the Interface -> Display category.
* The mouse cursor should now correctly change to the glowing or greyed out gauntlet to indicate whether you can cast a spell on a ground target, Salvage, or Runebreak.
* Mouse cursor also changes when you are selecting an item to preview (ctrl-click).
* Soul Tree shortcut button in the icon tray will now glow when you have unspent Soul Points. The tooltip for this button will also update to indicate this.
* Usable items in quest tracking stickies are now 50% easier to click on (because they’re 50% larger)!
* The Quest Complete reward selection now has a visual effect on the entire reward background if a choice is required.
* The pet bar is now always visible when a pet is summoned, including when mounted. Using a pet ability while on a mount will cause you to be dismounted.
* Hovering over raid members in the raid frame will highlight that character in the game world.
* The Auction House now properly saves and displays the duration of the last posted auction.
* Removed ‘Survival’ search category from the Auction House.
* Planar Augments are now removed from the Crafting display after they’ve been used to create an item.
* Moved quest log indicators to the correct location for quests that group members are also on.
* Friend login/logout messages are now displayed in the chat window. Added an option under Social settings to toggle these notifications.
* The guild roster now supports right clicking on member names to select a ‘send tell’ option.
* Guild logs will correctly show Server First achievement names if they are listed.
* Edit Layout mode: It's now possible to enter decimal points into the scale/alpha setting boxes.
* Edit Layout Mode: Elements can now be set to fade in and out when moused over or when entering and leaving combat.
* Additional Edit Layout improvements.
* Mount icons on toolbars will now properly grey out when inside instances.
* We also display a better error message when you're blocked from mounting in an area, rather than 'Invalid Target'.
* Right-click context menus are not allowed to display outside of the edges of the game window.
* New characters show minimap tracking for Healers and Calling Trainers by default.
* Added support for additional Turkish chat characters.

* Added a Delete Character popup requiring you to type confirmation text before a character is deleted.
* Added new categories for contacting a GM, ‘Report Spam’ and ‘Hacked Account’.
* The ‘I’m Stuck’ button will stop getting stuck after 24 hours has passed. The irony of this is not lost on us, either.

Musze przyznac ze ilosci fixow i zmian jakie ci kolesie potrafia z siebie wypluc w ciagu 2 tygodni mnie nieustannie zadziwia. :)

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Zalecam wszystkim zmiane hasla do konta. Naprawde. Trion niewyrabia z supportem tyle kont zostalo hackenietych. Mozna spokojnie zalozyc ze to nie wina uzytkownika, tylko ktos sie wlamal do ich bazy danych.

PODPISY: banery, sig'i, podpisy muszą zgadzac sie tematycznie z profilem forum, nie mogą być animowane, nie mogą przekraczac wielkości 100KB i wymiarow 90 (wysokość) x 400 (szerokosc).

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Ta, ja mam taki problem, dalej nie zwrocili mi itemow.

EvE Online - Highlander Northcourt.

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kolejny combat parser - bezpieczny :)

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Alpha 1.1 3/23/11

* The Endless Court Event? Yeah, they’re all up in your Telara, killing your mans. Not cool.
* You can now report AFK teammates in a Warfront. Check out PVP/WARFONTS for more.
* The ‘I’m Stuck’ button or falling through the world in a Warfront no longer results in a Deserter debuff!
* Rift events no longer track player contribution against other players. See below under RIFTS AND INVASIONS for more details.
* Many quest fixes below under individual ZONES.

* All artifact nodes now have a consistent 1.5 second gathering time.
* You can now accept a quest on behalf of your guild even if your personal quest log is full.
* Angelic Flight and Mighty Leap will not interrupt movement when used (auto-run or holding down a movement key).
* Server Announcements now stay on-screen for twice as long.
* Exposed now reduces movement speed by 6% per stack, rather than increasing damage taken.
* New fancy appearances are in progress for the Epic Namjok, Yarnosaur, and Vaiyuu mounts.
* Fix for quickly opening a series of clickable loot (such as geodes for gems) with auto-loot that would occasionally result in lost items.

* Rift events no longer track player contribution against other players. You are checked for participation in the event and given rewards appropriately. It’s still important to participate in as many stages of a Rift or event as possible to receive the best rewards.
* Tweaked cooldown times between zone events.

* Planar Charges are no longer consumed immediately when starting to cast an ability. They are consumed when the effect actually takes place — no more wasted charges on an interrupted cast.

* Epic quests now award Achievements and titles at key advancement points. These are granted retroactively so if you already completed portions (or all!) of the epic questline, you will receive these on login.

* Killing Spree and Blood Thirsty use the proper perk tokens now.
* The following perks will now properly show the description/tooltip values associated with them: Lucky Penny, Call of the Ascended, Journeyman, Foe Hunter, Cache Finder, and Rift Extraction.
* Journeyman no longer always shows in the buff bar.

* Updated the tooltip description text for Attack Power and Spell Power in the character sheet.
* Effects subject to diminishing returns will now also use diminished durations on player pets.
* ‘Immune’ scrolling combat text no longer appears on characters in stealth.
* Player tracking abilities no longer proc trinket effects.

* Warriors: The following abilities have been changed to fix an issue where the character could use them and die before they actually triggered, making it seem like they missed: Touch of Life, Master of the Abyss, No Permission to Die, Rift Shield, and Predictable Movements.
* Warriors: Taunts now continue cooldown timers while logged out.
* Mages: Reduced pushback on all non-healing Mage spells.
* Mages: Increased the base damage on all damaging Mage abilities.
* Clerics: All cleric Cleanses should now properly remove associated effects.
* PvP Souls: The cooldown for Break Free has been reduced to 2 minutes. Improved Break Free now reduces the cooldown by 10 seconds per point spent.

* Exhilaration: Now only triggers on damaging or healing Critical Hits. Mana procs will appear correctly in the combat log.
* Burning Purpose: The damage proc can now only occur a maximum of once every 1.5 seconds. Fixed an issue so that the damage proc is only affected by buffs active on the caster at the time it is triggered. Updated description on this ability to reflect current functionality.
* Ashen Defense: No longer counts as a mage armor buff and will stack with other mage armors.
* Procs from Surging Flare, Volcanic Bomb, and Earthen Barrage now affect allies within 35 meters of the caster.
* Consuming Flames: Now a 6-point root ability. No longer deals damage to the caster and can be cast on yourself as well as other friendly targets. Now absorbs a set amount of damage and has multiple ranks.
* Power In Numbers: Corrected the second rank so it will affect aura buffs.

* Due to the below changes, characters with points spent in Bard have received a free soul point respec.
* Invigorated Soul, Coda of Restoration: Now affects up to 5 targets.
* Using Verse of Fascination or Verse of Captivation now turns off auto-attack, since these effects break on damage.
* Motif of Tenacity: Now unlocked at 12 points.
* Anthem of Defiance: Now unlocked at 18 points.
* Motif of Regeneration: Now unlocked at 24 points. Now casts on the Bard and heals up to 10 raid or group members nearby with each tick.
* Anthem of Fervor: Fixed tooltip so the cost reduction is shown correctly when points are spent in Street Performer. Also fixed the cost reduction not being applied correctly to raid members when points are spent in Street Performer.

* Flesh Rip: Will now properly show up in the reactive ability UI when your pet critically hits. Fixed an issue where this was gaining weapon damage to each tick of the bleed effect. Base damage reduced.
* Backhanded Blow: Now correctly triggers global cooldown. Fixed a bug causing Rank 3 to do 20% more damage than intended. Base damage reduced. Corrected Power cost on ranks 2 through 8 to cost the proper 25 Power.
* Slashing Strike: Fixed a bug where this ability was doing the damage of a single target ability. The damage has been reduced to match other cleave-style abilities.
* Fight as One: The benefits gained from Fight as One have been reduced to 5-15% for Hit, Critical Hit, and Damage. This ability has been taken off of global cooldown.
* Diversion Strike: Increases Critical Hit chance of the Beastmaster and their pet by 5% instead of 10%. Damage lowered.
* Tenacious Wounds: Now increases bleed damage by 2-4% instead of 3-6%.
* Feral Sweep: Resolved a bug where this was dealing extra damage on each tick of the Bleed effect. Base damage lowered.
* Tearing Slash, Fierce Strike: Damage lowered.

* Combat Culmination: Ability will not break stealth when it triggers.

* Nebulous Haze: Now increases cast time by the 20% advertised on the tooltip.
* Decay: Lurking Decay will now always trigger, even if Obliterate or Tyranny kills the enemy outright.

* Debilitating Strike: Made the tooltip for the debuff from this ability more clear.
* Titan’s Strike: Damage has been lowered and the stun has been reduced to 1-3 seconds, down from 1-5 seconds.
* Mark of Extermination and Mark of Inevitability: Will now cause the target to attack.

* Withering Vines: Increased the amount healed.
* Livegiving Veil: Now affects up to 5 targets.
* Radiant Spores: Now has a base chance to proc of 10%.
* Phytogenesis: Now increases the chance for Radiant Spores to proc by 2-6%.

* Priest’s Lament: The primary debuff on this ability is no longer affected by diminishing returns. The silence proc debuff is still affected.
* Haunting Pain: Will only trigger on the first tick of damage from a damage shield.

* Trickster Spirit, Slothful Spirit, Spiteful Spirit: Reduced the damage to better account for the attached debuffs.
* Fury of the Fae: Now a pet-cast buff that increases the group/raid’s Attack Power and Spell Power for 30 seconds with a 10 second cooldown. Shares stacking with Bard’s Motif of Bravery.
* Satyr: Increased the ratio of the owner’s Spell Power converted into the Satyr’s Attack Power.

* Intensify Elements: No longer on the global cooldown.

* Due to the below changes, characters with points spent in Infiltrator will receive a free soul point respec.
* Cloudy Poison: Ability should not break stealth when used. The debuff from this is now cleansable.
* Murderous Thoughts: Now requires Prestige Rank 3. Now increases all damage against players by 3-6%.
* Knock Knock: Now requires Prestige Rank 2. Increases critical damage against players by 2-10%.

* Fanaticism: No longer consumed by Shroud of Agony.
* Purge: No longer unintentionally removes debuffs that are caused by buffs (ex: the debuff from Battlefield Distraction).
* Shroud of Agony: No longer triggers on falling damage.

* Reparation: Now affects up to 5 targets.

* Empty the Crypts: Charge can now be gained while this is active. The pets summoned by Empty the Crypts can be active for a maximum of 20 seconds.
* Lich Form: Will no longer consume buffs that reduce the casting time of your next spell.
* Scourge of Darkness: Can no longer miss, be parried, dodged, or blocked.

* Touch of Life: Now continues cooldown timer on logout.
* Balance of Power: Now deals 25-75% of weapon damage.
* Aegis of Salvation: Ranks 1 and 2 have their cooldowns changed to 1.5 seconds to match with other buffs.
* Reverent Protection: Now only affects up to 5 targets, and range increased from 10 meters to 35 meters.

* Strike Like Iron: Ability is no longer on the global cooldown. Increased from a 10-30% damage buff up to a 16-48% damage buff, with the value doubled for follow-up attacks.
* Death Touch: Due to the Strike Like Iron changes, damage of Death Touch has been lowered.
* Force of Will: Due to the Strike Like Iron changes, damage bonus to follow-up attacks from Force of Will has been reduced from 20 per point to 10 per point.
* Path of the Wind, Path of the Raptor: Now have cooldowns of 6 seconds and a slight increase in damage due to the longer reuse time.
* Dual Strike: Fixed a bug causing this to do less damage than intended – as a result, damage from this ability has increased.
* Deadly Grace: Increased from 7% of Dual Strike damage per point to 9% Dual Strike damage per point.
* Weapon Master: Increased from a 4-20% chance to gain a second attack point up to a 10-50% chance.
* Rising Waterfall: Damage increased.
* Turn the Blade: Damage increased.
* Flurry: Damage lowered.

* Shield of the Ancestors and related buffs now appear in the combat log.
* Caregiver’s Blessing: No longer procs off of procced heals.
* Surging Flames: Now converts 50% of overhealing.
* Divine Cascade: Reduced Spell Power contribution. Now has a stack size of 1 per caster instead of 1 total, but only triggers when target is healed by the caster rather than anyone.
* Spirit Rupture: Fixed the contribution from Spell Power.

* Due to the below changes, characters with points spent in Pyromancer have received a free soul point respec.
* Heat Wave: Reduced cooldown to 2 minutes.
* Inferno: Removed from global cooldown.
* Improved Grounding: Now a tier 2 branch ability.
* Improved Smoldering Power: Now a tier 3 branch ability.
* Ground of Power: Now obtained at 6 points.
* Smoldering Power: Now obtained at 8 points.
* Burning Shield – New Ability: Consumes the mage’s Ground spell to shield them in flames, absorbing damage. Lasts up to 30 seconds. While Burning Shield is active, the next Ground spell is instant-cast. Obtained at 6 points.

* Escape Artist: Fixed a bug where the improved version was not causing the pet to be immune to Root, Snare, and Stun.

* Due to the below changes, characters with soul points spent in Reaver will receive a free soul point respec.
* Soul Sickness, Flesh Rot, Necrotic Wounds, Blood Fever: The damage on additional targets when using Plague Bringer has been lowered. The Threat generation has been increased to keep overall threat gain of the abilities the same.
* Crippling Infestation: Moves down one tier to unlock at 21 points.
* Wasting Away: Moves down one tier to unlock at 16 points.
* Grisly Works: Moves up two tiers, now unlocked at 26 points. Now increases the healing of Soul Feast by 30-90% for 15 seconds after killing a target the Reaver has engaged.
* Soul Devour: Now increases the damage of Soul Feast by 50%, instead of 150%.
* Power from the Masses: Changed to give a stack per nearby party/raid member rather than per nearby enemy.
* Infestation: Cooldown increased to 1 minute, and damage increased based on the new cooldown.

* Earth Burst: Now properly interrupts elites and other high level mobs.
* Avatar of Wind: Fixed a bug causing the tooltip of this ability to report improper values.
* Rift Surge: Can now be removed with abilities that remove Curses. Now has a 30 second cooldown instead of 10 seconds and is no longer adjusted by Attack Power.
* Flamespear: Now has a cooldown of 6 seconds and has its damage slightly increased to reflect the longer cooldown.
* Burning Blood: Now deals damage based on 10-30% of the character’s Strength.

* Memory Capture: Ability should no longer get you stuck in collision or falling through the world.
* Rift Scavenger: Ability will not break stealth when it triggers.
* Removed internal cooldown from Defer Death and Scatter the Shadows. Both abilities should be more responsive now.
* Hasted Time: Fixed a bug with the second point spent in this ability gave an incorrect movement speed buff.

* Due to the below changes, characters with points spent in Saboteur will receive a free soul point respec.
* Undetonated Spike Charge and Blast Charge will not cause stealth to break when the charges expire.
* Shrapnel Charge: Will now fire off its AoE effects on surrounding enemies when the main target is killed by Detonate damage.
* Reduced the range of all Bombs and Charges to 15 meters, down from 20 meters.
* Reduced the range of Detonate to 15 meters, down from 20 meters.
* Long Range Bombing: Now increases the range you can hurl Bombs by 1-5 meters, down from 2-10 meters.
* Remote Clipping: Now increases the range of your Charges and Detonates by 1-5 meters, down from 2-10 meters.
* The outcome and damage of each charge is now calculated individually. When you detonate 5 Blast Charges, you will see 5 damage numbers, each with its own chance to critically hit, rather than one large number.
* Improved Blast Charge: Fixed a bug where the armor penetration provided was higher than 25-50%.
* Charge Booster: Redesigned to an active ability rather than a passive. When activated, the damage of your Charges is increased by 50% when detonated. This ability does not trigger global cooldown and is on a 1.5 minute cooldown.

* Vigilance: Now triggers more consistently.
* Serendipity: Now properly affects heals that are queued immediately after being triggered.

* Strike of the Maelstrom: Rank 1 is no longer unintentionally affected by Stormborn.
* Glacial Shield: Ranks 2 and up now work properly with overwrites of similar abilities – Shield of Oak can overwrite Glacial Shield, and vice versa.
* Lust for Blood: Fixed tooltip to more accurately describe functionality.
* Ageless Ice: Description now properly mentions that it does not trigger a global cooldown.

* Static Discharge: No longer on global cooldown.
* Static Flux: Will no longer be overwritten by weaker buffs.
* Cloudburst: Increased damage.
* Icy Vortex – New Ability: Reduces damage done to the Mage by 25% for 10 seconds and applies Hypothermia to attacking enemies, reducing their movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds. Obtained at 6 points.

* Due to the below changes, characters with points spent in Vindicator will receive a free soul point respec.
* Dangerous Game: Now requires Prestige Rank 3. Fixed a bug that only increased damage on critical hits. Now increases all damage (not just physical) against players by 3-6%.
* Resilient: No longer has a Prestige Rank requirement. Fixed a bug that only reduced critical chance received by 6%. Now reduces chance to be critically hit by players by 3-15%.

* Rift Shield: Corrected a bug causing Rift Shield to absorb too much damage. It will now absorb an amount more in line with other absorption shields in the game.

* Tidal Resonance: No longer consumed by actions that are not Heal Over Time spells.
* Track Water Creatures: Wardens can now use this ability to track creatures from Water Rifts.
* Well of Life: Now has a 35 meter range.

* Neddra’s Might: No longer requires a target to cast.
* Neddra’s Torture: Reduced cooldown to 20 seconds.

* Call to Battle: Fixed buff tooltip to report a straight value rather than a percentage.

* The artifact set, ‘Ancient Eth Tablets’, included two different items with the same name. One has now been corrected to Scuffed Tablet Fragment.
* Fixed many minor typos in quest and NPC text.

* Ancient Wardstones have been uncovered in Droughtlands! A dangerous land just got more dangerous-er. Beware the beast that lies within the ruins of Eth – Skirathos, the Eye of Fate!
* Nowhere to Run: Fixed an issue that could cause the kobolds to not show up and attack.
* Sothul’s Demise: Sothul now respawns faster.
* A Fall Tale: Anontok’s Notes’ description now shows the level requirement to use the item.
* Lecu the Claw: This cat is now almost as vicious as my cat.
* The Biggest Void: Netharius is now more nefarious.
* Additional variety and difficulty pass was made on Droughtlands named mobs.

* The Tech is Mightier than the Sword: Jakub will no longer sucker-punch players or their pets during this quest.
* Zone event Shadestones can now be used for pickup by multiple people at once.
* Tete-a-Tete: The faction-change effect during this quest now makes you friendly to Life Rifts as well as the surrounding Aelfwar.
* I Heard a Storm Was Coming: Doubled the duration of the swim speed buff.
* Man v Mandible: Increased the drop rate of mandibles.
* Durgin the Keeper: Durgin now respawns much more quickly.

* A Burgher with Lies is now less disruptive to players not also on the quest.
* The Toxic Source: Re-ordered the quest rewards so they are displayed more consistently with other quests.

* A Hymn of Frost and Flame: All party members can now loot the Redsnow Communique.
* Dabbling in the Forbidden: Tweaked quest so it should update consistently.
* Conquered Minds, Imprisoned Minds: Fixed an issue causing these quests to reset too often.
* Deepmoss Lurkers are no longer skinnable and do not give experience.
* Dagda Skullthumper, the Redsnow Bandit, should no longer return to life instantly when slain!
* Cloudbourne Ice Necklace: Dominance of the Soul debuff correctly affects Armor instead of Attack Power.
* Corrected duplicate loot drops from rare mobs Emissary Kavenik and Frosthide.
* Thunder Snow has been fixed so that Sentinel Nightbane is always where expected.

* Shyla will cast heals more often to assist players during the Rift event.

* Rainy weather is a bit less frequent in Moonshade.
* Question and Answers: Centurion will stop beating on the Imprisoned Legionnaire before you get a chance to interrogate him.
* The hounds of Conchobhar will stop trying to defy their master.
* Rational Ward: Fixed issues with the quest not updating thanks to lazy Defense Turrets.
* To Know Evil: The Infernal Transmitter will be more reliably provided.
* Fall of Moonshade: Updated quest locators on the map.
* In Plain Sight: The first objective now shares progress for the whole party.
* A Gathering Force: The Demiurge of Earth now has a more accurate quest locator.
* Death’s Embrace: Reduced Gorvaht’s damage.
* A Holy Remedy: The sickly dwarves now stop to offer thanks before running back to Three Springs.
* Scanning for Clues: The Defiant Scanner should be more reliable.
* A Demon Among Satyrs: This quest now grants credit to all group members on the same step.
* Guardians on the Edge: This quest will now display map locators.
* The Elite Greater Golems in Grey Gardens now look visually different from the Lesser Golems.

* Taking Shards: Fixed an issue causing the visual effects to not appear as intended. Group members now also receive credit for placing the Problem Solvers.
* Bits and Pieces: Construct components now drop as group loot for everyone on this quest.

* Honest When Dead: Fixed step four of this quest so it properly progresses.
* Sealing the Portal: The portal at the back of Sagespire should be much more active now.
* Salve No Longer: Quest can once again be completed.
* Seek and Destroy: Added a map marker for Kelynn Eregor.
* A Troll’s Lunch: Rakthug should respawn much more quickly now.
* Let them Come: Fixed to allow party members to join in on the mission.

* Final Preparations: Anthon Eskar, the Dragonslayer Covenant guard who provides the disguise for Flatyard quests, no longer tries to offer a second disguise if you already have one.
* Buried Beneath: You will now be required to kill 16 Immature Whelplings for this quest.
* A Crafter’s Lament: Now grants loot to all group members on the quest.
* Fire and Sand: Improved spawn rates of Wanton Bone Rituals.
* Tweaked scripting for the levers to summon Warden Nevin for Dragonslayer Covenant daily quests.
* Slither the Voice: You get to keep the Inmate Disguise item after completing this quest!
* Binding the Lightning, To Turn Aside the Storm: Golden Maw Enforcers will now correctly display quest tooltips.
* Dragonslayer: Forging the Haft: This was a sneaky leftover quest from testing that was horribly broken and not intended for the live game — it’s been removed!
* The mobs inside The Flatyard should respawn more slowly when fewer players are in the area.
* Lester Ironbole at Gildstone Sanctum will no longer be attacked by the Storm Legion in the area.
* Added more guards to Fortune’s Shore.

* Azure Blade on the shores of Suncrest Rise now properly share faction with the Defiant.
* Rift: Forging Heat: The Gedlo Heater should quit getting stuck inside the bonfire during stage three.
* Beast of Burden: This quest is now offered to mount-less players at level 13 instead of 20.
* Aelfwar Monstrosities: Quest now has more accurate locators for Aelfwar Defenders.
* Clouded Contemplation: Quest now requires you to kill 8 Greenscale Zealots, rather than 12.
* The Power of Life: Increased the drop rate of items required for this quest.
* Thanks to the recent efforts of the Ascended, the road leading to and from Silver Landing is now much safer for travel.

* The Spirit Walk: Quest now gives proper credit for the second objective.
* Spirit Animus: Quest gives credit when entering Hillsborough.
* The Spirit Walk and Spirit Animus shadow forms match up with player Calling!
* Galenir’s Last Answer: Fixed respawn of Galenir.
* Digging in the Dirt: The JKG-77 has learned to better recognize the character it should be following.
* New Blood: Added a missing pre-requisite to this quest, so that you must first complete An End to the Horror.
* Guardian NPCs at Thalin Tor should no longer respawn instantly.

* The Graniteborn Champion and Corrupted Graniteborn Champion ability, Earthen Shock, will no longer react to passive or DoT damage.
* Dead Drop: The respawn rate of the Earthmaul Ward is now faster.
* Breaking the Breaker: Bonebreaker will always be tagged to the player who spawned him. Also cleaned up a case where players who attempted to summon Bonebreaker immediately after someone else killed him could have their quest items removed but not spawn the NPC.

* Only the final boss of Expert dungeons drop the Corrupted and Grotesque Souls needed for Expert and Raid Rifts.
* Reduced the drop rate of Bind on Equip items in Expert Dungeons.
* Adjusted harvest nodes in Abyssal Precipice and Charmer’s Caldera – nodes before the first bosses can no longer be stealthed to.

* Expert: Icetalon’s Ripping Talons can no longer critically hit.

Akala [Outdoor Raid]
* Reduced health of Stone Wardens to make the first fight phase possible with 10 players.
* Akala’s Aegis of Stone and Gift of Laethys buffs can no longer be purged.

* Expert: Gronik will now reset if he leaves his encounter area.
* Expert: Gronik’s minions, Xaeiel and Sanwusu now ignore line of sight with their spells.
* Expert: Added borders around Ryka Dharvos’ area to ensure more laser goodness.

* Expert: Oludare the Firehoof can now Charge and throw harpoons at players from a greater distance.

* Corruptive Ritual: Fixed so that the mobs that drop the required items now always spawn in certain groups.

* Blightleaf Hexmaster’s Noxious Cloud can no longer critically hit.
* Blightleaf Guard’s Wicked Vine can no longer critically hit.
* All general population mobs’ standard attacks can now critically hit.
* Made small adjustments to boss enrage timers.
* Greenscale: Fixed the protective Life Aura occasionally not spawning.

* Added new ranged weapon rewards to the zone quest, You Are Who They Call.

* Expert: Konstantin’s Mathosian Fury is now more lethal (and furious).

* Changed the quest mobs, Guardian Purelights, so the ambush should be easier to manage.
* Expert: Eliam’s Death’s Fury can no longer be removed by player abilities.
* Expert: Rictus: Changed Rotting Flesh from a targeted AoE DoT to a ground target effect with a longer duration.

* Increased the amount of Armor on Cloth items.
* Increased the amount of Plaques of Achievement needed to purchase first and second-tier Expert Dungeon items.
* Pure-Endurance ‘Of the Fortress’ items will no longer drop above level 13.
* A large number of new Essences have been added to merchants in Meridian and Sanctum for purchase with Inscribed Sourcestones.
* Earthbreak Pauldrons from the quest Hero of the Defiants had defensive stats on them when offensive stats were intended. This has been updated for future Earthbreak Pauldrons, but existing items will remain as-is.
* Fixed a number of items, including high-end Weaponsmith recipes, that had incorrect auction house categories. They now appear in the expected search results. We would list them all, but it’s a long list.
* Going forward, randomly generated two-handed weapons will come with DPS stats rather than tanking stats.
* The Waxing Shadesource had stats applied for a higher level item, and has been reduced in effectiveness to match its level.
* Spellbinder’s Sash now has Spell Power instead of Attack Power.
* Crystal of Brilliance and Crystal of Foresight had melee stats but are caster items. This has been corrected.
* Rare Essences dropped from Major and Minor Rifts should no longer be bound on pickup.
* Chan’s Thundering Fist was set up as a Warrior weapon rather than a Cleric weapon. This has been corrected so it now properly has spell power and lower base weapon damage.
* Petrifying Rune: The root proc will now break on damage.
* Fixed Ritualist’s Buckler to be a Cleric-equippable shield.
* A number of offhand book items had the wrong visual attached and have been fixed.
* Powdery Ash now has a proper sell price.
* Fixed many minor typos in item names.

* Fixed an issue where all potions were on the same cooldown. They are now divided into three major groups based on their effects: Healing/Positive, Damage/Negative, and Buffs.
* A large number of items have been updated to be Runebreakable/Salvagable. In general, all items not purchased from a vendor should fall into these categories.
* Fixed Rootcatch Brew items, which were using a healing effect rather than functioning as a snare.
* Recipe: Blazing Wisdom Rune now teaches the correct recipe.
* Artificers may now open their crafting window by right-clicking Looms.
* New zone-specific drops come from monsters in the following zones, and are used in recipes from each zone:
– Gnarled Core – Scarwood reach
– Evergreen Core – Freemarch
– Enchanted Core – Silverwood
– Stone Core – Stonefield
– Shadow Core – Gloamwood
– Rusty Core – Scarlet Gorge
– Cracked Core – Droughtlands
– Glowing Core – Moonshade Highlands.
* A large number of recipes from notoriety vendors have been adjusted. Recipes that were previously Uncommon are now Rare and have their stats adjusted accordingly. Ingredients used in these recipes require the Cores mentioned above or have had their other ingredients and quantities updated.
* Iron Buckler recipes from faction vendors have been renamed to Steel Buckler.
* Blackwood Chopper crafted item has been renamed to Blackwood Cleaver.

* You can now report AFK teammates in a Warfront. When enough of the team has reported someone as AFK, they will have a short period to prove themselves by engaging the enemy or supporting the team. If they fail to prove themselves, they will be banished!
* Falling through the world, or using the Customer Service ‘I’m Stuck’ button, will now result in a respawn inside the Warfront instead of teleporting you out and applying the Deserter debuff!
* PvP combat: Abilities now only check for caster facing their target at the start of a cast – they will still land if a target moves behind you while the casting is in progress.
* Killing lower level players in your Warfront bracket will now grant some favor and some experience.
* The Black Garden: The damage dealt from the Fang of Regulos now increases higher than 100% of the carrier’s max health.
* The Codex, Whitefall Steppes: Fixed a bug where stunning/mesmerizing/incapacitating an enemy player did not interrupt flag captures in progress.
* The Battle for Port Scion: Repeatable quests now grant 50 Notoriety, up from 25.
* The Battle for Port Scion: 50 Notoriety is awarded with the Noble Guard or Eldritch Vanguard for every 100 points earned.
* The Battle for Port Scion: Resident NPCs in Port Scion no longer apply the Exposed debuff.
* The Battle for Port Scion: Defiant Centurions and Guardian Lieutenants have had their difficulty slightly reduced.
* The Battle for Port Scion: Capturing Sourcestone with two Idols up is now worth 30 points. Each Idol lost will reduce the score for capturing Sourcestone by 10 points.

* The low health and death effects have been improved in the Low Quality Renderer.
* Shield spell effects now appear on players even when mounted.
* Wardstones in player hubs have new and improved visuals!
* Extraplanar Leather Gloves and Ellisar’s Gloves now have actual glove graphics when equipped instead of INVISIBLE HANDS.

* The /focus command now understands the @targeting arguments like the /target, /cast, and /use commands.
* @pet targets your primary pet, and @targettarget picks up your target’s target.

* Character stats will turn green on the character sheet if they are under any sort of bonus.
* The total number of discoveries for a character is now displayed in the Achievements window.
* Additional improvements to the Soul Tree window – role-changing and resetting visuals, confirmation to save points on exit, etc.
* Equipped Planar Essences should now show colored borders based on the rarity of the Essence.
* The guild roster will stop showing you as AFK when you log back in after having logged out with the AFK flag on.
* UI pieces docked to the Target and Target of Target windows now stay where you told them to be.
* Guild names are now included in player tooltips.
* Fixed a brief artifacting flicker on the screen when discarding changed video settings instead of applying and saving them.
* Fixed a bug that would cause the Reactive Abilities UI to stop working after performing a /reloadui.
* Edit Layout Mode: Elements can now be set to fade in and out when moused over or when entering and leaving combat.
* The Rift meter contribution bar and leaderboard button have been removed.
* The Tutorial Alert icon will now always appear in the same place instead of being attached to the casting bar (which can be moved by editing the UI layout).

* The green dot next to recommended shards at Shard Select now says Recommended instead, which is what it meant.
* High population shards show in orange text, and medium in yellow. Full is still red!
* We now also display queue sizes at shard selection.


- Conan, what is best in life?
- To crush your enemies, see them driven before you... and to hear the lamentation of their women!

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Widze Mendol nie nadza z czyszczeniem?:) Pomoc? Yakuza tu wklejamy gole info dyskusja gdzie indziej.



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Cytuj ... g-and-more!

Informacje dot. patcha 1.2

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Same nerfiki bossow w expertach ;]

No ale zajma sie tez armor buffami u inquisitora, ktore byly beznadziejne i niefajne.

open your mind for the serpent
open your mind for the serpent
open your mind for the serpent
open your mind for the serpent

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Nie wiem czy było ale:
Gather your friends in RIFT and play anywhere, any time....

When the next major RIFT™ update hits early this summer, subscribers will be treated to a surprise – free character transfers. Trion Worlds announced today that with RIFT 1.3, players will have the ability to move to select servers in their territory once each week, taking all items, achievements, and titles with them. Additionally, guild leaders will be able to move their guild’s level and experience.

“MMOs are all about playing with your friends no matter which server they’re on, and that’s why we’re offering this as a free service to our subscribers,” said Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer. “RIFT is both a game and a service, and adding free server transfers is just one more way we can make this the best possible MMO experience available.”

Whether you want to play with friends, check out a new server, or avoid queue times on highly populated servers, you’ll be free to move about Telara. As a part of this grand experiment, there will initially be no limits on the number of times you can transfer your characters or guild.

Character transfers will remain a free service for the foreseeable future, and could become a permanent addition to the RIFT experience. Subscribers will be able to perform the transfers inside of the game itself once the patch is live.

Hehe wyglada jak bezposrednia odpowiedz trionu na pomysl opcji premium blizzarda


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fajne, ale mozliwosc zmiany servera raz w tygodniu to przesada

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A dlaczego niby ?
Bardzo dobrze. Moge sobie bezstersowowo szukać takiego serverera jaki mi odpowiada, bez potrzeby robienia milionow altow.

PODPISY: banery, sig'i, podpisy muszą zgadzac sie tematycznie z profilem forum, nie mogą być animowane, nie mogą przekraczac wielkości 100KB i wymiarow 90 (wysokość) x 400 (szerokosc).

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Panowie - TUTAJ nie komentujemy :)

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